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Well hello there my little Year 6 buddies!

Can you believe it's been over a week now since we were all in school? I know this is a very strange time for everyone but I'm sure you're all doing a fantastic job keeping busy, making everyone laugh and being really helpful at home. I've loved seeing some photos of what you've been up to so please carry on sending them to the school email address and I'll add them to our page as soon as I can!

I'm really missing seeing you all and hearing your chats so I added a few photos to the Gallery section of some happy memories from earlier in the year. Make sure you have a look laugh

I'm sure you're all doing lots of active things during the day - I've been trying to do Joe Wicks daily (it's a bit tiring!!) and even learnt a TikTok dance you'll be amazed to hear! surprise Keep up the running, dancing, trampolining, cycling and whatever else you're finding to do! And don't forget to do a bit of reading everyday - maybe you could send some photos of the crazy places you can find in your house to read!

Keep safe,

Love Miss Harley x

Happy Easter weekend everybody! laugh Hope you are all ok and have your Easter eggs ready - I definitely have! Keep checking the Year 6 Home Learning Gallery for more photos to see what everyone has been getting up to. Take care and stay safe x

Happy Tuesday Year 6! I hope you are all ok and staying safe at home. I wonder what you got up to over the Easter holidays and how many Easter eggs you managed to eat....

There is lots of new learning on the way this week so keep an eye out for that - it should keep you busy and feel free to send me more photos and I'll add them to our Home Learning gallery. Have you had a go at any of the Weekly Challenges yet?

There is an important file about Leavers Hoodies that Abbie's mum is organising - make sure you have a read of that below!

I've also added some bits about Transition to new schools in September - I know lots of you are thinking about it so Mrs Gull has put some information together and I've added the storyboard task that we did a while ago. I thought you could maybe have another go at it because you might have new worries - you don't have to write/draw, it could just be a discussion with someone at home this time. Remember - for every worry, there's always a solution or a 'fix' or a way round to help. 

Take care everyone,

Love Miss H x

Happy Friday!  Please have a look at the Files to Download section for new Home Learning - a Topic grid, new PE grid and Maths Challenges. Hope you enjoy getting stuck into some new learning tasks. Stay safe! yes

Hello there! smiley

I hope you all had a fantastic Bank Holiday Friday celebrating VE Day yesterday - the weather was amazing too! It was brilliant to see how much effort people had gone to organising street parties, getting dressed up (and their houses!) and doing quizzes. I wonder if any of you found out some interesting facts about the war - I know lots of you are interested in that subject...

There's a new Home Learning grid on and some more Maths Challenges for this week. Don't forget to have a go at the whole school Weekly Challenges (Art, PE and Picture of the Week - all in the News section). My PE Challenge this week is one I think a few of you will be able to do! yes

Hope you are all staying safe and keeping yourselves busy! Miss you all!

Love Miss H x

I hope there will be lots of Year 6 entries for the Great British Isolation Bake Off competition - have a look at the poster in the Files to Download section. I think you'll find the Head Judge looks a little familiar... wink

Hi everyone - hope you have all had a good week! There's a new Home Learning Grid (the last one of this theme) and Maths Challenges for next week in the Files to Download section. I hope they are keeping you busy along with the BBC Bitesize website. Don'y forget you only have until Friday to enter the Bake Off competition surprise

Keep safe and smiling! smiley

Happy last day of May everyone - how did that happen?! I hope you've all had a fantastic half term and had lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather!

I've added the new Home Learning grid and Maths Challenges for this week into 'Files to Download' as usual - the new topic is DISNEY! We thought you'd all enjoy that and hopefully learn some new things about Walt Disney, the films and characters along the way. BBC Bitesize continues everyday so keep logging onto that for more English, Maths and Topic based learning Please keep sending me photos and videos of your learning - I really enjoy seeing what you've been up to smiley

Don't forget about the Weekly Challenges as well - Art, PE and Picture of the Week - that can be found in the News section of the website. It's been great to see some of you taking part in them and as we have some very talented children in our class, I'd encourage you all to have a look!

A huge well done to Franki, Sam and Nerissa for all taking part in the Bake Off Competition - your cakes looked delicious and we could see the hard work you'd put into them! A special congratulations to Nerissa who won 'Best KS2 Rainbow Cake' - we are all very proud of you! yes Have a look at all the entries here -


It was also lovely seeing the active video this week - I spotted a few familiar faces! Have a look at the video here - - guaranteed to make you smile!

Hopefully all of your parents received the email from Wales High School recently about transition plans - it looks like there is lots coming up to help you all get ready for moving on in September. I've been making a few plans of my own thinking about you leaving Wales Primary as we would have been doing this half term if we had been in school as normal. I know it is a very strange time and everything keeps changing at the moment but when we are all able to get together (whenever this may be), we will make sure you get the chance to say goodbye properly as a class - please don't think that we won't be celebrating your time at our school!! I know some of you have been worrying about this but please try not to. If you have any questions or ideas about transition or leavers, please conatct school or email me and I will try to help smiley

Have a great week everyone and stay safe - missing you! Miss H x

enlightenedCompetition Time! enlightened

I've spotted a few competitions lately and wanted to make you aware because I think some of you might be interested in entering! I'd strongly encourage you to have a look and see what you think - there's some great prizes as well!
1. The Ickabog Illustration competition - JK Rowling (who wrote Harry Potter) is releasing a new story chapter by chapter online (have a look on this link and is running a competition for children to help illustrate the story when it's published in a few months time. So your drawings could be in the actual book! The deadline is the 17th July and all the details are here

2. Anne Frank Creative Writing Awards 2020 - during this time of lock-down, when people are separated from each other, we invite you to write a poem, story, essay or article inspired by Anne Frank which shows how important it is that we all live together with kindness, respect and equality. The top prize is a visit to Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam and there are lots of interesting book prizes as well. The closing date is the 30th June and all the details are here

3. Blue Peter/McLaren Supercar design competition - you are asked to design a unique car of the future! The prize is for your design to be made into a model by McLaren model makers, a VIP tour of McLaren HQ and a spin in a McLaren supercar by none other than The Stig! I've added the form you need to fill in and post off to 'Files to Download'. The deadline is the 10th June so not much time for this one!

3 amazing competitions with incredible prizes but also the chance to show off your fantastic art, writing and creative skills! Let me know if you do enter any of them. Good luck!

Happy Friday Year 6! I hope you've all had a good week and got stuck into the new topic for Home Learning. I've added the new grid for next week and some Maths challenges that link to next week's objectives. We think you'll particularly like the next 2 weeks as it's all about designing your own theme park! Make sure you have a look and see what ideas you can come up with. 
Hope you're all keeping safe at home, Miss H x

Leavers Scrap Book

All the information you need regarding the leavers scrapbook is in Files to Download - please read all the instructions. The page template is also saved in there and can be printed at home, collected from school from Tuesday onwards or delivered - please contact me ( or phone school to arrange this. 
Please return completed pages to school by Friday 26th June at the latest. 
Any questions, let me know. Thank you very much for your co-operation and support with this project! 

This half term, we were due to have a visitor in school to talk to you about keeping safe when travelling - walking, on your bike or on the bus or train. Some of the information links back to the Crucial Crew trip we went on in the Autumn so it should be familiar. I've added the slides that the lady was going to show you - it's called Travel Safety information. It has some good ideas for thinking about your route to your new school, the Mega Travel Pass and generally keeping yourself safe when you're out and about. I hope you find it useful!

Hello everyone on this slightly rainy Friday!
I hope you've all had a good week and managed to get outside a bit, maybe whilst dodging some massive downpours! I've added the new home learning grid all around your new theme parks - please keep sending me photos and emails about your learning. 
I'm looking forward to maybe seeing and speaking to some of you on Monday - ask your parents to look at Mrs Sampson's latest letter in the Letters section if they haven't already.
Have a great weekend! Miss H x

Good morning Year 6! I hope all your parents received the latest email from Wales High School as it contains important information:
"Last week Mrs Tripoli emailed you with information to let you know which tutor group your child will be in, which language they will be studying, and which house your child has been assigned to. If you believe you have not received this information, please check your spam folders as we have found some of our emails end up there! If you find you have still not received the email with this crucial information, please email Mrs Tripoli directly using and she will be happy to send another copy to you."
They have also released a second Transition workbook - I have added both to the Files to Download section. As before, if you need a copy printing or dropping off, please email me or contact school to arrange. Any other questions, please let me know!

enlightenedCalling all Scientists!enlightened
Miss Taylor from Wales High School (who we did a few sessions with) has contacted me about an online platform called Padlet where she has added loads of fantastic Science activities and questions as part of your Transition. You can add questions/ideas/comments and it is free to use without having to sign up. When you add anything, it doesn't add your name - this is to keep you safe online. It looks brilliant and I really think you'll enjoy the activities on there! The link is
Remember to take some photos or email me with what you've done!

Hello Year 6! I hope you've all had a good week - it has been lovely speaking and seeing some of you this week, at school and on the Zoom call on Monday! It made me realise how much I have missed you all and all the interesting chats we used to have at school. Remember you can join the call every Monday with the code and time text to your parents - all the details are in Mrs Sampson's letters in the 'Letters' tab of the website. 
I've added the new Home Learning grid - make sure you have a look each week and see which of the challenges you fancy having a go at!
Please remember that this Friday (26th) is the last day to bring back your leavers scrapbook pages - either you can drop them off at school or I can come and pick them up if that's easier. We've had a few delivered already and they look amazing!! Please email me if you're not sure about any of this.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe! Miss H x

Wales High School Transition Clubs

Wales High School have set up some brilliant new 'clubs' for Year 6 children to take part in as part of the adapted Transition this year. The clubs will be run by WHS staff and cover a range of subjects - Maths, Science, History, Book Club and Craft Club. There is also the 'Transition Kitchen' that has been set up on the WHS Transition Youtube channel -
The clubs will run on a weekly basis until the end of term and will be available on Zoom. In order to register your child's interest in any of the clubs, please email Mrs Owen on to get more details.

Book Club - starts Thursday 25th June 10:30
Maths Club - starts Monday 29th June 11am
History Club - starts Monday 29th June 11:30
Science Club - starts Tuesday 30th June 1pm

I hope lots of you will get involved as it sounds fantastic and another way to get to know some of the staff and subjects you will be learning next year! If you need any help, please let me know.
Children who are in school will be joining the clubs as best fits around the school day - we are limited due to staggered break and dinner times that cannot be changed due to shared outdoor space for bubbles.

Good morning Year 6! I hope you're all doing ok and have enjoyed the beautiful sunshine this week! It's been great to see some more of your friendly faces this week on Zoom and at school. The completed scrapbook pages that have been sent in already look AMAZING so thank you so much for working so hard on them and getting them done for today - we really appreciate it (and thank you to your parents as well!).
New home learning is on so it's week 5 of the Disney topic plus new Maths Challenges - make sure you have a look through them!
Take care and keep safe! Miss H x



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