Year 1 2020 - 2021

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Mrs Askey

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Mrs Hinde

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Welcome Back to the Summer term of school

Please view the Year 1 newsletter to see what your child will be up to during this first half term. Our new topic title is ‘Enchanted Forests’ and we will be taking a look at all things nature, growing and the magic of forests through traditional and modern tales.

Please can all pupils bring in a pair of wellies that can be stored at school throughout this half term. We will be exploring our wooded area and using our outdoor spaces for planting and digging. 

23/4/21 Apologies for the Class newsletter link not working. Please find the document at the bottom of the ‘Files to Download’ section at the bottom of this page.

Enchanted Forests



How you can celebrate a very 2021 World Book Day on Thursday 4 March! |  National Literacy Trust

What a fantastic day we had! Thank you to all of the children that took part in our whole school celebration. Year 1 spent the day indulged in reading and book activities ranging from a Book Wave, Book Blether, Book Hunt to designing a new character.

Please take a look at our brand new school Virtual Library on the school page. This can be used by any age child to read by themselves or share with their family.





Y1 Book Wave for WBD



March 2021

We have had an amazing time back at school altogether and have enjoyed our topic 'Walking with Dinosaurs' in many different ways.

Please view our videos  (yellow links below) and photos of our Dinosaur and Fossil Hunt visit last Monday. This was a total surprise for the children and they absolutley loved it. It was fantastic and they were able to consolidate lots of their prior learning about Dinosuars and fossils. A big thank you to the team from Education Group for providing such an exciting morning and amazing resources.

We also had lots of fun on Well- Being Wednesday, dressing up as dinosaurs with Dino feet and Headdress, playing Dinosaur games and beginning to make our volcano models (which we'll erupt next week as a final BLAST!).

Last message to all of those parents/ carers who have been supportive and understanding over the last term. Thank you for your understanding and positive comments, it really does make a difference.

Mrs Askey

Sophie the T- Rex














September 2020

Welcome to Year 1! We hope you all had a great summer and enjoyed some sunshine and time with family and friends. 

We are eager to get back to work here at Wales Primary and to see all of your little faces smiling and having fun once more. However, things will be slightly different to how they usually would be in Year 1 and across school. 

It is a big jump from Foundation Stage 2 to Year 1 in any circumstance. In fact, it takes time during the first half term to get used to the new routine and timetabled lessons that the majority of the class follow at the same time, unlike FS2. There is much less free playtime and less toys to play with. However, to keep ourselves happy and safe we are lucky to have two areas to learn and play in that help us keep our distance and resources clean and tidy. Keep an eye out for new photos of our classrooms so you can see our lovely safe space!

Please see our class newsletter in the 'File to Download' section of this class page, where you can read about our topic for the first half term.

September 2nd - First day back!

I just wanted to let you know that we've had a lovely day reconnecting with eachother and the children have been fantastic!

The children have coped really well considering the changes we have had to make. There's been great listening and thinking throughout the class and brilliant behaviour during whole class learning and free play.


Year 1 PE will be every Tuesday and Friday.

Children will be required to come to school in their outdoor PE kit and will remain in it throughout the day to avoid changing in an already tight classroom.

PE kit consists of a white T shirt/ polo shirt; black/ navy shorts; black/ navy jogging bottoms/ leggings and sweatshirt/ hoodie or tracksuite and trainers.


Child of the Week!

The Child of the Week award goes to children who have been fantastic in many ways all week. They may have been polite, kind, helpful as well as hardworking and showing the Wales Code learning behaviours. This may be the norm for many pupils or it may have been a stand out week for them.

The children who are chosen are told who they are on a Friday morning and given a cerificate to take home. Their extra treat, for having such a great week at school, is enjoying a hot chocolate (or another prefered drink) and a biscuit/ bun with Mrs Sampson and/or Mrs McDonald in the staffroom.

Parents are also contacted to tell them of the good news so that you can celebrate with their child at the end of the day and show how proud you are of them (so don't be worried if you recieve a call from me on Friday morning!).

Learning Journals11.09.20

Every pupil will have recieved their own Learning Journal which is full of school information which will help support parents and pupils alike. Please return the journal every Monday so that staff can check and sign off 'Word of the Week' homework and Reading Tracks. If you have any quenstions or queries about these tasks please email or call me at school. The journal can then stay at home for the remainder of the week.

Word of the Week 17.09.20

Word of the Week is a whole school, weekly homework task to be completed by every pupil (from FS2 to Y6) with the support of an adult at home. At Wales Primary we are developing every child's vocabulary and understanding of words by a range of methods. This is one of many strategies we have found successful that links their current learning with new words in order to broaden their spoken and written language.

The task is to write a definition or a sentence using the 'word' in the space provided in the Learning Journal. For our younger pupils we advise parents/ carers write the sentence after discussion with their child. We encourage pupils to use a range of sources of information to find the meaning of the words e.g. dictionary, adult, google..

Each week the teacher will write a new word in the Learning Journal that will be linked to learning in class and used that week or the previous week. 

Reading Books 17.09.20

Every child in Year 1 has recieved a banded reading book to take home and practice reading. This book is based on recent phonic assessment, key word assessment and 1-1 reading time in class. This is why it has taken a couple of weeks to organise and some children have had the same book for a week without it being changed. As you can appreciate, we are still in the process of ascertaining where the childrens abilities lie in reading, writing and maths due to lockdown and not having any end of year data.

Please ensure your child brings their reading book and Learning Journal to school everyday in the zip wallet provided. In the next few weeks I will read with and assess your child on a specific day and they will then change their book for the following week. Extra reading with Mrs Hinde will take place for those in need of more practice and key word work. 

At this time I ask for your patience until an efficient system is secure. 

Reading with and to your child remains an important out of school activity as they can build up a natural enjoyment in reading and listening to varied stories and information. 

It is also important to use the reading book as a tool for reading the Common Exception words for Year 1 and those tricky words that cannot be sounded out and blended to form a word e.g. 'was'. If your child's book has a/ some key words running through it, focus on these asking your child to find them all. Can they orally put that word intol their own sentence?

Ask your child simple questions about the plot and characters or if it is a non-fiction text show them how to find specific information using the contents page and index. 

If you have an y queries about the book your child is reading or need advice on helping your child to read, please email me.


Here are a few photographs of our 'play room'. Children are free to use this room when they have completed their learning in class and for golden time in an afternoon. This classroom is also used for intervention groups during learning time.

 An interactive maths table linked to current learning.

 Reading garden and listening station.

 A 'small world' table linked to the current topic.

 Craft table to cut and stick a variety of materials together.

 A mark- making table to practice letter and number formation as well as spelling and creative writing. This changed weekly.

 Phonics games on the floor space and interactivley on the big Smartboard. These games are changed weekly.

Phonics Learning


Weekly Phonics homework has been sent out with your child. This is intened to be completed with an adult to ensure your child is using the correct pronunciation for the phoneme(s) being practiced.

The homework will be given to your child each Thursday and needs to be returned to Mrs Askey by the following Thursday. A record of returned homework will be kept and a small prize will be given to those pupil's who have completed and returned their homework each week within the half term.

Activities and interactive games to help your child learn and practice these phonemes can be found on the following websites:

You can also download the Letters and Sounds teaching programme to lift ideas for games and lists of words containing the focus phonemes:

(New*) Phonics: Letters and Sounds

Starting on Monday 27th April, a daily phonics lesson is being taught through YouTube for Reception and Year One. There are 3 sets of lessons to choose from based on year group and reading ability. 

The Reception lessons will be taught live at 10am, but can be accessed at any time after this. Videos to help with blending will be taught at 11am and Year One phonics is taught at 10.30am. This will be great for you to access each day as a bit of a phonics boost! The Letters and Sounds lessons are funded by the Department for Education.


November 2020

I hope you and your children had a good half term break and are ready for our next half term up to Christmas break. 

The children have worked so hard during the first half of the term and behaved remarkably under such different routines and restrictions in school. Everyone has adapted well to the systems put in place to keep each other safe and happy.

Please see the Class information letter (2) in 'Files to Download' to find out about this half term's topic and subject specific objectives.


December 2020

We've had a lovely two weeks run up to our Christmas holidays with lots of little treats along the way. The children have enjoyed a Santa Dash in hats, an online Panto, a Christmas film with hot chocolate and candy canes, lots of Christmas crafts and a bit of singing! Please see the video below of the class's redition of Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer. 

Year 1 Christmas song

I think you'll agree they all look ready for their Christmas break!

January 2021

Happy New Year Year 1!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break and managed to see some family on Christmas Day. Did Santa come? Did you get what you'd hoped for? I hope so as you all deserve some treats after a great first term at school. We have seen lots of progress made and some wonderful work produced linked to our topics.

January 5th 



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