Religious Education

Our RE curriculum follows the guidelines laid down in the Rotherham Agreed Syllabus and is concerned mainly with the moral and spiritual aspects of life as it affects young children. Our pupils are encouraged to appreciate and respect the world around them, understand the needs and beliefs of others and develop an awareness of and concern for others, through examples, stories and discussion.

Although Christianity forms the backbone of our RE syllabus an awareness of other religions and cultures is important, to develop in our pupils a tolerant approach to all religions and ways of life. Therefore, each year group will study the main features of another world religion in addition to aspects of Christianity.

Enrichment opportunities are provided through trips to different places of worship and visitors into school, who share their beliefs and customs with our pupils. Pupils also get opportunities to take part in different religious festivals or customs in special events or immersion days as a culmination of their learning at school. At Christmas we visit our local church to take part in our annual Carol Concert and watch our EYFS pupils perform the Nativity.

Pupils also take part in a daily act of collective worship- mainly of a Christian nature. Parents have a right to withdraw their children from Religious Education and collective worship if they wish. We regularly host a special ‘Open The Book’ assembly, where our local church group visit school and act out bible stories for pupils

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