Year 3 2019 - 2020

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Year 3 Teacher

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Mrs Wood

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Welcome to Year 3

Message from Mr Gordon:

Hello Year 3!

It was lovely to see the majority of you via our class 'Zoom' video call. I apologise for some of the minor technical issues we had. Hopefully, it will run a little smoother next week! However, it was brilliant to put some faces to names as well as hearing from you for the first time. It is certainly an introduction I'll never forget! I just can't wait to meet you all in person and to be your class teacher.

I hope to see you all again next week. In the meantime, if you wish to contact me or send some examples of your work at home via email, they would be more than welcome. My email address is:

Stay safe and happy!.

Mr Gordon smiley  

Hi everyone, I hope you are all ok. I am really missing you all and it is lovely seeing your work on your class page. I have recently received an email from Charlie and he has sent me some photographs. Here is one for you to see in his new uniform. I think he looks really smart. He has also created his own story and uploaded it you youtube so here is the link if you want to watch it.

This is the link for the fairytale video:

Take care everyone and stay safe,

Love Mrs McDonald

Weekly Topic Grids

Please see below Year 3's weekly suggested topic themed activities:

Week 7 (W.C 13.07.20) - Transition into Year 4 Activities (Latest)


Past Weekly Topic Grids:

Week 1 (W.C 01.06.20) - Disney Topic Grid 

Week 2 (W.C 08.06.20) - Disney Topic Grid with Toy Story - Reading Activity (to use for English task)

Week 3 (W.C 15.06.20) - Disney Topic Grid 

Week 4 (W.C 22.06.20) - Disney Topic Grid with Moana Comprehension (You're Welcome Lyrics) Moana Comprehension (You're Welcome - Worksheet) Moana Comprehension (Answers)

Week 5 (W.C 29.06.20) - Disney Topic Grid 

Week 6 (W.C 06.07.20) - Disney Topic Grid with Ratatouille Comprehension

W.C. 27.04.20 (Local Area Topic Grid)

W.C. 04.05.20 (VE Day Activities) 

W.C. 11.05.20 (Local Area Topic Grid)

W.C. 18.05.20 (Local Area Topic Grid)

Weekly Challenges

Please click here to be directed to this week's challenges (including Picture of the Week, PE and Art).

Popular Sheffield artist, Pete McKee is providing free cartoon workshops for beginners every Wednesday. Anyone can take part in these videos which will be uploaded to the Pete McKee YouTube channel. All you’ll need is a few pieces of paper, or whatever’s lying around, card, scrap paper etc., and some pencils or pens.

Please find the link to his YouTube channel below:

Pete McKee's Cartoon Workshop for Beginners

BBC Bitesize Daily

As a school, we are recommeding the recently launched BBC Bitesize Daily. These sessions have proven to be popular across the country so far. These include daily shows, online learning and worksheets.

Week 7 Schedule (13.07.20 - 17.07.20):

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons (All subjects)

BBC Bitesize Daily Shows - 9am or via IPlayer (All Subjects)

Please scroll down to see what Year 3 have been doing for their home learning...


Year 3 Home Learning

Zeke had a lovely time at the recently opened Guilliver's Valley! Here are some photos of his time there last weekend! Great photos Zeke. Thank you for sharing with us! laugh


Sebastian has been busy continuing his home learning. He has also done fantastically well at Beavers. He has been awarded numerous badges! Well done Sebastian! yes


Kathryn has continued her home learning as well as learning how to bath the puppy (and got quite wet!). She has also visited a farm with her brother to spend a couple of hours with a farmer helping to feed the animals and finding out how they've been looked after in lockdown. Home learning at your house sounds super Kathryn! Keep up the amazing work! laugh


Harry's was busy again last week. As well as completing his BBC Bitesize tasks, Harry wrote his own made up myth as part of his topic learning. He has also produced a bucket list and some work on the oceans of the world. Fabulous work Harry! I am very pleased. Well done! smiley


Holly has continued to shine during her home learning journey. In English, she has been using a song called "King of Rome" . She's been learning about direct speech, and using other words instead of 'said'. She also looked at Calligrams. In Maths, she started the week looking at shapes, properties, regular and irregular and sorting. She then looked at multiplication factors mainly 4 and 8 times tables. Finishing the week looking at patterns. She has also worked through the BBC Bitesize tasks including: Rivers and oceans in Geography. Rocks, soils and fossils in Science. Family and friends in French. For one of Holly's Brownie badges she needed to make a rocket, so she had an afternoon, making and testing rockets!

On Friday she had a 'Disney Day' where she attempted the Moana code, she wrote a rap about her favourite teddy Icecube, she tried some Maui art and drew a dolphin. She then thought about a goal she'd like to achieve in gymnastics and drew a road with all the things she needs to do along the way to achieve her goal. Wow Holly! Home learning at your house sounds so much fun! I hope you still want to come to school once all this is over! Keep up the fantastic work! yes


Leon wanted to share his recent Maths work where he has mastered the concept of adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. Awesome work Leon. I am very proud of your achievements. smiley


Holly continues to produce some excellent work with her mum. Below are some photos of what she has been doing. This includes a family day trip to Spurn Point and Cleethorpes. They saw offshore wind farms and an oil rig which she had learnt about the previous week in Science. She also discussed coastal erosion and tides, collected pebbles, and both Holly and her brother were buried in the sand! Amazing learning taking place in the Parr household. Well done! laugh


Here are some brilliant pieces of work by Gracie. You have worked so hard! I am very pleased. Well done! smiley


Below are some photos of Kathryn's home learning. Her parents also sneaked in a pretend school trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park! Kathryn and her brother worked together on presentations with some polar bear and giant otter facts! I am really impressed with your presentations Kathryn. Well done! laugh


Harry also produced a poster about the threats to our oceans as well as completing a landscape picture using oil pastels to try and blend the colours together. He's also researched Maui and compared the characters Moana and Maui from the film. Excellent work Harry. I am very impressed. yes


Zeke has produced an excellent poster highlighting the threats to our oceans. Excellent stuff Zeke. Well done! smiley

Last week, Holly had a quieter week but still continued with her home learning. On Tuesday,  she had a day out with her family and went on a school trip to her local steam, where she made stepping stones, a dam and raced sticks, then we had a picnic in the garden before playing monopoly! Sounds super Holly. I used to love doing things like that at your age. Keep up the good work! yes

Last week, Harry continued his home learning using BBC Bitesize as well as completing tasks from Year 3's topic grid. Below is Harry's lost toy poster and his toy timeline. I love how happy you look Harry! Keep up the amazing work. laugh


This week in English, Holly has used the characters from super Mario to think about the different word classes and definitions. She then looked at different animal poems, completing comprehensions and starting to look at similes and metaphors. Before finally at the end of the week writing her own poem. She also completed the Toy story comprehension.

In Maths, she started the week with addition and subtraction, and finished the week with time.
Using BBC bitesize, she learnt about the Romans in History, Biomes in Geography and Renewable and non renewable energy in Science.

Using both the topic grids she drew Toy Story characters, attempted the coding programme, created a superhero cape on Purple Mash, painted a superhero landscape and had a mini sports day to find out who was the fastest!
She also had great fun baking rocky road all by herself, following the recipe and weighing out the ingredients, then getting to lick the spoon at the end! Excellent work Holly. Well done! laugh


Kathryn has been super busy looking after her new puppy as well as continuing her home learning! Kathryn has also been continuing with her martial arts and she and her brother took part in a virtual grading this week in which she achieved her blue belt! She is now looking forward to the 'Zoom' meeting with myself and her classmates. A massive well done for your successful grading Kathryn! I know how tough they can be. Keep up the amazing work! laugh


I'm really pleased to hear Jacob has really enjoyed his home learning this week! This week, Jacob has completed all the topic tasks set including: The picture of the week, the Art challenge and his daily BBC Bitezise learning. Jacob has also completed another week of his Maths Homework book and a spelling test. He has also completed a lego challenge he set himself which involved building Hogwarts! I'm sure you'll agree that it looks fantastic!



Here we have examples of Shivansh's home learning to share. He has been busy completing work following BBC Bitesize. As you can see, he is continuing to display excellent presentation and neat handwriting! Well done Shivansh, you should be proud! laugh


Here are some pictures from Kathryn's work last week. Kathryn and her brother have been kept busy settling a new puppy! However, she is still managing to keep going with her home learning and enjoying her tenor horn and virtual martial arts classes alongside. The Disney topic work has been a lot of fun for them! Her grandfather is also doing virtual tutorials on the seven wonders of the Ancient World each week to mix things up. Kathryn, you're new puppy looks adorable! Well done for helping out whilst still completing your home learning tasks. smiley


Here are some pieces of work Zac has completed last week! He has been busy completing tasks in English, Maths, French and a Science where he produced a document on the planet - Mars! He particulary found fact number 10 was the most interesting! What do you think?

  Zac's Mars Facts

Holly has joined the Wildlife Trust - 30 Days Wild so has been completing work connected to wildlife each day. She has watched some ants find, work as a team and take a crumb back to their nest, gone on a rainbow walk trying to find a plant or animal to represent each colour of the rainbow and saw a beautiful red butterfly! She has studied food chains in Science. She even discovered a snake on her family walk. 
In Maths, she has been learning about finding fractions of numbers and using expanded and compact column addition. In English, she has really enjoyed using the book and film of Harry Potter to explore using conjunctions, describing feelings and writing her own version of the broomstick lesson scene, using adverbs to describe the Quidditch match and writing a school report.

Again, she has used the BBC Bitesize for afternoon sessions, including History where she did a comprehension about the Iron Age. In Geography, she looked at climate and weather. Holly has also learnt some French looking at food and clothes. Finally, Holly made an attempt at drawing Mickey Mouse and made her own animation on Purple Mash. Amazing work Holly. The work you're doing sounds fantastic! laugh


Aswell as completing his Maths and English following BBC Bitesize last week, Harry has created an animation on Purple Mash and Mickey Mouse's silhouette. He has written some facts about Mars and worked out the price of a 3 week holiday to Disney World for his family! He's also made a comic strip of Phineas and Ferb and made a Mickey Mouse headband out of pipe cleaners to advertise the Disney logo as shown in the pictures. Excellent work Harry. Very interesting indeed! yes


Shivansh continues to produce some excellent work. He has been working a lot on his English writing and spellings along with his Maths work. He has helped his dad in the garden and also baked chocochip cookies for the School’s baking competition. They look yum Shivansh! Well done! smiley


Holly continues to progress well at home. She started last week looking at the story 'King Midas and the Golden Touch' before moving onto Harry Potter. She has studied a review of the studio tour and then wrote one of her own reviews of a hotel she has stayed in. She has also read and watched a section of the first film and wrote sentences about that scene using conjunctions. In Maths, she has been looking at perimeter, and different methods of subtracting. For her foundation subjects, she has continued to use BBC bitesize. She has investigated the Bronze Age for History making a timeline poster. In Geography, she looked at maps and contour lines, making her own island. In Music, she's been continuing with her cornet lesson each week and is learning lots of new notes. And Science, she has studied states of matter. Super work Holly. Well done! laugh


Lenny has been really busy! He has recently made a bug hotel and created a food chain for bugs and animals that he has seen in the garden. For English, he has written a postcard to his friend Samuel. He has also completed some work on fractions for Maths using BBC Bitesize. Fantastic stuff Lenny! laugh


Here are some photos of Leon's work from last week. He wrote to his best friend out of school, Owen, in order to tell him what he had been doing. He also wrote a piece about his future career plans as a zoologist specialising in snake & spider venom! His mum believes this is lovely but will be something he'll need to pursue when he has moved out... Excellent writing Leon. Very interesting indeed! yes


Gracie has continued to work really hard using Oak National Academy. She has been completing Maths work involving fractions as well as several English lessons. During afternoons, she has managed to complete project work for each topics set so far. Gracie is also still enjoying her teddies, swing, Roblox, and sleeping in dens! However, she is missing her friends very much!  


Last week, Holly finished looking at poems and the progressive tense. She then wrote her own action poem - 'Jumping on my Trampoline'. The second half of the week, she started to look at the story King Midas and the Donkey's Ears, she completed a comprehension, and started looking at direct speech. In Maths, she continued looking at time and intervals between time and then used data to create pictograms. She also looked at place value and money. For History, Holly created a fact file and built a mini version of Stone Henge! She's also done lots more for other subjects too! Wow Holly! The work you are doing sounds amazing! Well done. You should be very proud. smiley

Pictured here is Leo with some of the sunflowers he has grown. Wow! They have got big. I hope the ones we have planted at school get as big! Nice one Leo! yes


Here are some pictures of Kathryn staying busy on her days out of school this week. She has enjoyed a family camp in the garden and been experimenting with growing plants on windowsills. She has also been working hard with her tenor horn lessons with her brother and discovered the "Seek" letting her discover more about plants and insects on walks out. Brilliant work Kathryn! Well done laugh


Jacob has took part in our Isolation Bake Off by baking some cake and biscuits! His mum has told me he has really got stuck in with this challenge! Jacob managed to complete this challenge all by himself except for using the oven. Much better than what I could do Jacob! Well done!


Along with his regular Bitesize tasks,Shivansh has started practicing yoga and pranayama.He had previously planted some green chillies, tomatoes and potatoes and now he is pleased to see the little plants coming through.He also made an aquarium with the help of his Mum. Wow! Such interesting home learning Shivansh. Nice work! yes


Here's what Zac has been up to this week... He's completed some Maths,English,Geography work as well as doing some History by finding facts about Stonehenge. Away from his home learning, he has been on a number of bike rides which he has really enjoyed. Keep up the brilliant work Zac. Well done! smiley


Jacob has completed a lot of work this week! He has completed all the BBC Bitesize challenges, the 'Picture of the Week' challenge, he has been keeping up to date with his Maths, he has interviewed his Nannan about Kiveton Park and he has also completed a spelling test.

Away from his academic learning, he has been planting some carrots, broccoli, onions, potatoes and beetroot in the garden. He is very excited to see these grow and he is keeping a diary on this! Amazing work Jacob. I am very impressed! Well done! yes


Kyle has been using BBC Bitesize to continue his learning at home in addition to some extra Maths on a daily basis in the form of problem solving. For English, Kyle is reading three books each week and works on his spelling on Spelling Shed. He has also been carrying out some fun science experiments. Fantastic to hear of all the brilliant work you are doing Kyle. Lovely photos too! Keep up the good work. smiley


All is well at Holly's house. Her mum has informed me that she thinks she’s just about learnt how to tell the time confidently and she is loving her reading. She has also continued to work hard with her studies in preparation for when she returns to school. Fantastic to hear such enthusiasm for your learning Holly and well done with your work on time (I know it can be very tricky!). laugh


Leon has written to his future grandchildren about the strange times we currently find ourselves in! Although, it would seem he's rather enjoying life at the moment and it seems the only thing he's unhappy about is the unavailability of KFC. Both me and his Mum can relate to this! I have pointed him in the right direction to stores currently open! Brilliant letter Leon, make sure you keep it! laugh


Sebastian has been busy studying WW2 as part of the VE Day celebrations. He has been trying to design a medal for British and Polish soldier and watching videos about the Second World War. 

He also planted his own strawberries! I bet you can't wait to try them! Nice work Sebastian! smiley


Here are a some brilliant photos from Lenny's VE Day celebrations. Lenny had a picnic in the garden and made some VE bunting. Lenny and his brother Saul also made a volcano complete with animals round the bottom. See the photos below including a video of the volcano erupting using coke and mints! Fantastic work Lenny! smiley


Video - Lenny Volcano Eruption

Leo has been very busy on the farm helping out. Here’s a few pictures of some of the new life that’s been born. They've had lambs, chicks, kids and Highland calves! Wow! Such amazing photos. Thank you for sharing these with us Leo! yes


Harry was busy last week completing several projects as part of the VE Day celebrations. He produced a short report explaining all about VE Day as well as making some bunting, a poster, a t-shirt and some decorations to put up on his front garden for the occasion. Fantastic to see VE Day celebrated so

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