Vision and Values



‘The school is our children; our children make the school.’

Wales Primary School is a school with a strong sense of community. We are very proud of our school and work very hard to ensure that all our children feel happy, healthy secure and safe so that they achieve their full potential. Our broad, stimulating and relevant curriculum helps each child to develop a firm foundation on which they can build in preparation for adult life. We recognise each child’s individuality and strive to meet his or her needs in a caring and fully inclusive environment.

We have a strong commitment to raising the achievement of all children through a wide range of opportunities and experiences that promote the development of each child academically, socially, physically, intellectually, morally, artistically and spiritually. At Wales Primary School, we want our children to become the best versions of themselves and leave as strong, open minded, confident individuals who have the ability and adaptability to thrive in an ever changing world.

It is our vision that each pupil who leaves Wales Primary School will have:  

  • A strong sense of who they are and where they come from in modern Britain
  • High levels of co-operation; communication; independence; resilience and respect
  • A strong sense of curiosity about the world around them
  • A good understanding of what learning is and how to improve themselves as learners
  • The confidence and ability to articulate and reason
  • The strength of character to think for themselves and respectfully question and challenge others
  • The ability and adaptability to respond in an ever changing world

Our non-negotiable for every child:
Children will achieve the highest possible standards and will have made, at the very least, expected progress, and in many cases will have exceeded national expectations for progress throughout their time in our school.

In order to achieve our vision, we aim to provide our children with a vibrant, relevant and enriched curriculum where they are challenged and inspired to excel. Furthermore, our school ethos will:

  • Model high standards and sets high expectations of learning, teaching and behaviour
  • Nurture independence
  • Work in partnership with parents, carers and the wider school community
  • Value creativity and respect individuality
  • Inspire children to recognise and build on their own talents
  • Provide enrichment opportunities to develop children’s character
  • Promote outstanding Assessment for Learning by:
    • Enabling children to recognise that they have the power to drive their own learning
    • Teaching children positive habits that will help develop them as learners
    • Facilitating honesty and openness about learning and progress
    • Providing an environment in which children learn that building on failure is a critical part of improvement

This is underpinned by Rotherham Local Authority’s mission of:

  • All children making at least good progress
  • No underperforming cohorts
  • All teachers delivering at least good teaching and learning
  • All schools moving to at least the next level of successful performance

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