Foundation Stage 2 2021 - 2022

Mrs Woolhouse

Mrs Woolhouse

FS2 Teacher

Miss Morte

Miss Morte

Teaching Assistant - FS2

Mrs Stewart

Mrs Stewart

Teaching Assistant - FS2

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2

Hello everyone,


The class have really enjoyed an autumn walk in the school grounds and woodland area today. The children worked together with a partner to see what autumn changes they could observe. We have noticed that the leaves have started falling off the leaves and changing colour. The children found lots of different types of nuts and berries including fir cones, sweet chesnuts, black berries and sloe berries. The children also discussed and shared what they had found during their own autumn walks with their family during the weekend. Take a look at more images in the gallery below. 




The children have really enjoyed starting to learn about different seasons. They have discussed how the weather and enviroment changes. We talked about the things we enjoyed over the Summer and what the weather has been like. The children explored Sunflowers head that had grown in Miss Morte's garden and used the tweezers to take the seed out ready to plant next year. 


We have talked how we can be a good friend remembering to listen, share and take turns with other. We talked about our friends in class and school and how we can make new friends. We have shown caring hands and feet, listened to and took turns with our friends during play. 


We had a visit from Simon from Superstar Sports South Yorkshire in P.E. We really enjoyed taking part in different games and practised listening carefully to instructions. We practised moving and balancing wityh different P.E equipment. 

P.E 4.jpegP.E13.jpeg

Please take a look at further photos of learning in FS2 below in the gallery. Thank you.



We have really enjoyed our first few weeks in class together. We have been learning the school routines and classsroom rules to keep us safe, show respect to everyone and everything in the classroom. We have lots of Superstar children who listen carefully and help each other and have been rewarded with 'Star of the Day' and 'Star of the Week' this Week. Well done to you all and we can't wait to see who will receive the Superstar awards next week! 

This half term our topic is 'Superhero Me.' We are looking forward to finding out more about your child's interests,family and friends. Please take a look at the Autumn 1 FS2 Newsletter to find out more about what your child will be learning this half term. 



I hope you are having a great Summer break and are looking forward to starting at Wales Primary School. I know we are really looking forward to seeing you all next week! We have been busy getting the classroom prepared for your arrival. It will soon be ready for you to explore with your friends whilst making new ones too.

Which area of the classroom are you looking forward to exploring first? 


Role Play 



Sand and Water






















Small World


Construction and Investigation Station


Reading, writing and creative areas


We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you during the last week of the Summer term and we can't wait to find out more about you, your family and interests as part of the 'All About Me' topic this half term. During this topic we will be asking your child to share some pictures or photos of family with their peers and discuss recent events including the Summer holidays. Please send photos or any recent wow moment you and your child are proud of and would like to share with us to  We can't wait to hear all about them!

Thank you to everyone who was able to return the starting school forms back to us before the Summer. You still have time to return yours when we start back on Thursday 2nd September 2021. I have included a copy of the Parent Meeting and FS2 Welcome Pack for you to refer to on this class page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the files section.

The children will be attending school for full days from the first day back so please ensure you have ordered your child a dinner using our online system or send them with a pack lunch. Please keep referring back to this class page and look out for communication from the school for further information regarding times of the day and plans regarding pick up and drop of arrangements. It is looking likely that we can return to 8.45am arrival and pick up at 3.15pm  but we are continuing with dropping off and picking up at the classroom door as carried out during the transition week. We will also let you know in advanced the class P.E day so the children can wear their P.E kit in school that day. I expect this will not be until the second full week back to give the children time first to become familiar with the school.  


Meet the Team


Mrs Woolhouse

I enjoy gardening, walking, swimming and exploring new places. I enjoy sharing my experiences with my friends and family. I enjoy reading and my favourite children's author is Julia Donaldson and one of my favourite stories called 'What the Ladybird Heard.' Have you heard this story before? Who is your favourite author and can you tell me about one of their stories?

Miss Morte

Mrs Stewart


We can't wait to see you all on Thursday 2nd September!

Enjoy the rest of your Summer break!


Mrs Woolhouse



Resources for Foundation Stage Learning


You are welcome to take a look at some of the recommended resources (files to download section), websites and apps below. We will add to the list throughout the year. 


Communication Language 


Speech Link - various activities to encourage talking and listening and support understanding of language 

Why and because question prompt cards (see files to download section)

Who, what where, sentence activity (see files to download section - use now as a converstation/ oral sentence builder only) 


Phonics /Literacy

Phonics Play (start with phase 1 games)

Jolly Phonics Songs




Topmark maths

2D / 3D shape song



Files to Download

Foundation Stage 2: News items

Book fair leaflet, by Mrs Sampson

Save The Date, by Mrs Harrison

Foundation Stage 2: Gallery items

Autumn Walk, by Mrs Woolhouse

P.E, by Mrs Woolhouse

The World Around Us, by Mrs Woolhouse

Foundation Stage 2: Calendar items

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