Foundation Stage 2 2021 - 2022

Mrs Woolhouse

FS2 Teacher

Miss Morte

Teaching Assistant - FS2

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2


                                                           Happy St George's Day!

st George day.png



We hope you have all had an enjoyable Easter break and taken advantage of the sunshine during the bank holiday and this week. I hope you have enjoyed some tasty chocolate and special treats. We are looking forward to seeing you all back next week and sharing your experiences. 


                             We can't wait to start our new topic which will be all about Fairy Tales!

fairy tale.jpg

Reminder: The children have been invited to dress up as a fairy tale character; princess, prince, king, queen, knight or dragon on Wednesday 27th April and take part in lots of different activities to introduce the topic. We can't wait and hope you are looking forward to it too! Please see the knowledge organiser below which gives you more details on what we will be learning during next half term. You can also download a copy from the document section below. 

knowledge organiser fairy tales.JPG


Happy Easter to you all!

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Hello everyone,

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learing all about life cycles durining the last few weeks. We were so proud of their singing during the Easter service too. Take a look in the gallery below for further photographs. 

FS2 frogs 5.JPGFS2 frogs 6.JPG

The children have carefully observed, discussed and recorded the observations of the beans they planted in different enviroments grow. 

FS2 1.jpegFS2 2.jpegFS2 3.jpegFS2 4.jpeg

We have thoroughly enjoyed the events we have took part in during the last few weeks including St Patrick's Day on Thurday 17th March. The children learnt facts about Ireland, symbols that represent it including the shamrock and the national flag. We came to school wearing something green and took part in some Irish dancing. We enjoyed listeing to our friends talk about and show photographs of their family that live in Ireland. See more images and videos of Irish dancing in the gallery below. 

FS2 PHOTO-2022-03-17-19-02-51g.jpg FS2 PHOTO-2022-03-17-19-02-52l.jpgFS2 PHOTO-2022-03-17-19-02-50a.jpg

The children really enjoyed a visit from James Boffin during Science week 14th-18th March. We took part in a class workshop and learnt about how everything is made of molecules and we took part in investigations to find ways to change them from solid to liquid or steam. Take a look in the gallery below for more photos. 

FS2 thumbnail_image4.jpgFS2 thumbnail_image8.jpgFS2 thumbnail_image9.jpg

In class the children have worked in small groups whilst taking part in a whole class experiment to explore the best enviroment to grow beans. We will keep watering the beans but have placed some in a dark cupboard, some in direct sun light. We are also growing two in a bag with cotton wool rather than soil. We will keep observing, recording and comparing each beans progress. Take a look in the gallery below for more photos. 

FS2 planting 1a.jpgFS2 planting 3.jpg

FS2 planting 2a.jpgFS2 planting 4b.jpg

This half term our topic will be all about Growing. Please find below the Spring 2 knowledge organiser which includes information on what we will be learning in class. Scroll down to the file section to access a printable copy of the document.  P.E will continue every Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure your child is wearing suitable P.E clothing during that day. Thank you. 

Knowledge Organiser Growing Spring 2.JPG

We have enjoyed listening to the story Oliver's Vegetables by Viven French and shared with the class our favourite vegetable. We tasted, observed, described and used oil pastels to create observational drawings of vegetables. We found out where different fruit and vegetables grow either on trees, in the ground or on plants. Scroll down to take a look at more photos in the Oliver's Vegetables gallery below.

FS2 vegetables 18.jpgFS2 vegetables 20.jpgFS2 vegetables 19.jpg

FS2 vegetables 3.JPGFS2 Vegetables 14 (2).JPGFS2 vegetables 10.JPG

The children in FS2 went on a walk in the school grounds to observe the signs of Spring. We noticed buds growing on tree, shoots starting to appear from the ground and took turns in pairs to record our findings. Scroll down to the gallery below to view more photos of our Spring Walk. 

FD2 spring walk 3.JPGFS2 spring walk 2.JPGFS2 spring walk 8.JPG


Welcome back everyone after half term! The children really enjoyed sharing thier news from half term with the rest of the class. We have had a good start to the new term and have really enjoyed listening to lots of new stories in preperation for World Book Day.

World book day class.jpg

The children really enjoyed dressing up as their favourite character and looked fantastic in their costumes.They enjoyed listening to different stories, sharing thier stories from home and the school library with a friend. We had lots of fun on the school catwalk and talking about the characters they came dressed up as.

wolrd book day cat walk.jpegworld book day catwalk 2.jpeg


The children have throughly enjoyed listening to the story Mr Wolf's Pancakes.

mr wolf pancakes.jpgClick on this link to listen to the author and illustrator Jan Fearnley read the story out loud.

The children made a list of ingredients to make pancakes, including toppings and could not wait to try their pancake at the end of last week! 


Please find more photos of the class during World Book Day and enjoyiing thier pancakes in the gallery below.


happy new year.PNG


Happy New Year to you all. I hope you have had a relaxing Christmas break and enjoyed some family time together. We are looking forward to your return on Wednesday 5th January and we can't wait to hear all about your Christmas holidays and find out about your new gifts you received from Santa. 



winter sign.jpgWinter vocabulary.jpg

This half term we will be exploring the season Winter. We will be using our senses to discuss and describe the season. The children will discover why it is cold in Winter and how we and animals keep warm. The children will investigate and select the best materials for clothing and shelters to keep warm and dry. We will keep a weather diary and compare the temperatures each day with a contrasting locality. The class will learn about explorers and the journeys they made across the Atlantic on expeditions. We look forward to seeing you all very soon. Take a look at the class newsletter in the files section below for further information on your child's learning this half term. 


Mrs Woolhouse



Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year! 

class 3.jpg

I appologies things have been quiet on the website this half term this is because we've been so busy in class!

The children have been working hard learning Phonics, writing thier name and letters to Santa. They have been recognising and exploring the composition of numbers up to 5 using various songs, rhymes and number stories. Please take a look at the photographs in the gallery below. 


We are so proud of the children's class perfomance and I am sure you will be too. We recorded the performance so it can be shared with you, your close family and friends. You can now acess the video clip via the link we have emailed to you so please remember to check your email for the unlisted You Tube link. The show has been recorded in 2 parts so click on each link in that order. The class worked so hard in between lessons to practise the songs and actions. Please take a look at the photo gallery below for more photographs. 


AC341CAE-355F-45C6-8501-6E5FEF377D31.jpeg73509A83-9B30-41BB-A9B3-42F0ACCFBAE9 - Copy.jpeg



The children have throughly enjoyed taking part in the 12 Days of Christmas which included crafts, baking Santa Dash, watching on online Pantomine and our Christmas party. Please take a look at the photos from the events in the gallery below. 




Happy Halloween!

I hope you have all had a fantastic half term break! We are looking forward to seeing you in school tomorrow and hearing all about what you have been up to last week!

See you in the morning. 😊
Mrs Woolhouse




Well done Otto!

Winner of the FS2/KS1 raffle prize


The class have really enjoyed an autumn walk in the school grounds and woodland area today. The children worked together with a partner to see what autumn changes they could observe. We have noticed that the leaves have started falling off the leaves and changing colour. The children found lots of different types of nuts and berries including fir cones, sweet chesnuts, black berries and sloe berries. The children also discussed and shared what they had found during their own autumn walks with their family during the weekend. Take a look at more images in the gallery below. 




The children have really enjoyed starting to learn about different seasons. They have discussed how the weather and enviroment changes. We talked about the things we enjoyed over the Summer and what the weather has been like. The children explored Sunflowers head that had grown in Miss Morte's garden and used the tweezers to take the seed out ready to plant next year. 


We have talked how we can be a good friend remembering to listen, share and take turns with other. We talked about our friends in class and school and how we can make new friends. We have shown caring hands and feet, listened to and took turns with our friends during play. 


We had a visit from Simon from Superstar Sports South Yorkshire in P.E. We really enjoyed taking part in different games and practised listening carefully to instructions. We practised moving and balancing wityh different P.E equipment. 

P.E 4.jpegP.E13.jpeg

Please take a look at further photos of learning in FS2 below in the gallery. Thank you.



We have really enjoyed our first few weeks in class together. We have been learning the school routines and classsroom rules to keep us safe, show respect to everyone and everything in the classroom. We have lots of Superstar children who listen carefully and help each other and have been rewarded with 'Star of the Day' and 'Star of the Week' this Week. Well done to you all and we can't wait to see who will receive the Superstar awards next week! 

This half term our topic is 'Superhero Me.' We are looking forward to finding out more about your child's interests,family and friends. Please take a look at the Autumn 1 FS2 Newsletter to find out more about what your child will be learning this half term. 



I hope you are having a great Summer break and are looking forward to starting at Wales Primary School. I know we are really looking forward to seeing you all next week! We have been busy getting the classroom prepared for your arrival. It will soon be ready for you to explore with your friends whilst making new ones too.

Which area of the classroom are you looking forward to exploring first? 


Role Play 



Sand and Water






















Small World


Construction and Investigation Station


Reading, writing and creative areas


We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you during the last week of the Summer term and we can't wait to find out more about you, your family and interests as part of the 'All About Me' topic this half term. During this topic we will be asking your child to share some pictures or photos of family with their peers and discuss recent events including the Summer holidays. Please send photos or any recent wow moment you and your child are proud of and would like to share with us to  We can't wait to hear all about them!

Thank you to everyone who was able to return the starting school forms back to us before the Summer. You still have time to return yours when we start back on Thursday 2nd September 2021. I have included a copy of the Parent Meeting and FS2 Welcome Pack for you to refer to on this class page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the files section.

The children will be attending school for full days from the first day back so please ensure you have ordered your child a dinner using our online system or send them with a pack lunch. Please keep referring back to this class page and look out for communication from the school for further information regarding times of the day and plans regarding pick up and drop of arrangements. It is looking likely that we can return to 8.45am arrival and pick up at 3.15pm  but we are continuing with dropping off and picking up at the classroom door as carried out during the transition week. We will also let you know in advanced the class P.E day so the children can wear their P.E kit in school that day. I expect this will not be until the second full week back to give the children time first to become familiar with the school.  


Meet the Team


Mrs Woolhouse

I enjoy gardening, walking, swimming and exploring new places. I enjoy sharing my experiences with my friends and family. I enjoy reading and my favourite children's author is Julia Donaldson and one of my favourite stories called 'What the Ladybird Heard.' Have you heard this story before? Who is your favourite author and can you tell me about one of their stories?

Miss Morte

Mrs Stewart


We can't wait to see you all on Thursday 2nd September!

Enjoy the rest of your Summer break!


Mrs Woolhouse



Resources for Foundation Stage Learning


You are welcome to take a look at some of the recommended resources (files to download section), websites and apps below. We will add to the list throughout the year. 


Communication Language 


Speech Link - various activities to encourage talking and listening and support understanding of language 

Why and because question prompt cards (see files to download section)

Who, what where, sentence activity (see files to download section - use now as a converstation/ oral sentence builder only) 


Phonics /Literacy

Phonics Play (start with phase 1 games)

Jolly Phonics Songs




Topmark maths

2D / 3D shape song



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