Foundation Stage 2 2020 - 2021

Mrs Woolhouse

Mrs Woolhouse

FS2 Teacher

Miss Morte

Miss Morte

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Stewart

Mrs Stewart

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wood

Mrs Wood

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2

Hello Everyone,



I hope you are all having a fantastic start to the week in year 1. We were all really sad to see you all move onto your new class on Monday but are really proud of how much you have learnt and grown in the last year. Keep up the fantastic work next year and look out for us waving on the playground and on your way up to class in the mornings. 

We throughly enjoyed our last week in FS2. We had a Ugly Bug Ball on Thursday to conclude our 'Minibeasts' topic this half term and a Teddy Bears Picnic on Friday to celebrate our time in Foundation. Please see the photos in the gallery below.



We have really enjoyed learning about minibeasts this half term. We have been on minibeast hunts, watched the class butterflies grow and released them outside. We played and created our own What am I? game, made lots of different crafts and models too. 


We all want to say thank you so much for your kind words and gifts last week. We truely appriciate them all especially the poem and cards. We have really enjoyed working with every child this year and watching them grow is always the greatest gift of all!

gift 1.jpggift 2.jpg

We wish you all the best of luck in year 1 next year. Have a wonderful Summer Holiday and don't forget to look out for us in September and give us a wave too! 

From the FS2 team

Mrs Woolhouse, Miss Morte, Mrs Stewart and Mrs Wood



We are throughly enjoying our topic all about Toys this half term. The children have enjoyed sharing and explaining their favourite toy to the class. We found out that some of us like playing with the same toys. We discussed the characters from the Toy Story movies and described our favourite toy from the story. We have had fun creating our own moving toy and exploring what toys are made from. The children have also compared the materials toys are made from. They have discovered most old toys were made from wood, metal or fabric and most new toys are made from plastic and that they might use batteries. The children have also been excited to share with the class their parents and grandparents favourite toys too. Please see below in the galleries section pictures of the children's favourite toys, moving vehicles they have made and exploring new and old toys. 



harrisons car.jpgmodel car 10.jpg


The children have been working really hard to learn, practise and recognise sounds, digraphs, trigraphs and tricky words in Phonics. They are becoming more independent to write words and sentences during focused activities and independently whilst learning through play. The children are really proud when they challenge themselves and enjoy sharing their work with the rest of the class. In maths we have been counting on from the greatest number using dominoes, dice, counters and completing addition sentences. We are more confident with one and two more than a number and recognising and recalling the doubles of numbers to at least 10. 


We have also been learning about the life cycles of different animals and plants. We went on a walk in the woods to identify different plants and have been observing tadpoles grow in the classroom using magnifying glasses. We have also planted peas and keep ensuring we have watered them to help them grow. We are looking forward to finding out how tall the peas grow before we take them home to plant in our gardens. Please see some photos in the gallery below. 

watering plants3.jpgplanting seeds1.jpg




I hope you all have had an enjoyable Easter break and have been able to meet up with some of your family and friends. I hope Easter bunny came and left you some very tasty treats too! I have been making the most of the dry weather and spent some time outdoors as well as catching up with some of my family and friends. We are looking forward to see you on your return to school on Monday 12th April and sharing with your friends some of the things you have got up to over the Easter break. If you would like to send in a photo of some activities from your Easter break or any WOW moments so your child can share with the class please send them to our class email We would also love to find out and share the books you have read over the holidays. Please send in a photo of them so we can share and recommend them to your friends on our class Reading for Pleasure page.   


Summer 1 topic

This half term our topic will be called Toy Story linking our learning to the well-known film. Our class newsletter is now the documents section of the class page below. We will name and describe the characters from the story and share our favourite character with the rest of the class. We will explore what toys are made from and how they move. We will then design and create our own moving toy. We will take a brief look at the history of toys and compare them to the toys of today. We will be asking parents and grandparents to share their favourite toy when they were a child so we can compare with your child's favourite toy. 

Please discuss with your child their favourite toy and send in a photograph to our class email by the end of this week so we can share with the class the following week. You could always send in a photograph or a picture drawn by your child too. We are looking forward to starting this topic in class I hope you all are too! Look out for the new word of the week in your child's reading diary each week which will be linked to this half term topic. 


On Friday 26th March we celebrated with our friends Sophie the dinosaur birthday and had a dinosaur party. We created our own party hats, enjoyed some snacks and danced to some music! We really enjoyed being able to finally have some fun all together in class at the end of our Dinosaur topic which I am sure it shows in the photos in the gallery below as you scroll down the class page. 

FS2 Dinosaur Party

Well done for an amazing first week back at school! We are so proud of how grown up you all now are and how hard you worked with your home learning. We thought you deserved a surprise on Monday 15th March! A visit from the dinosaurs!!! I am so glad you enjoyed the visit from Sophie the T-Rex, Mia the Triceratops and the baby Velociraptor! We all had so much fun as Paleologists digging and discovering different fossils from dinosaurs and other living creatures that lived 65 million years ago. Take a look at the photos in the gallery below by scrolling down the class page.

FS2 enjoyed a visit from the Dinosaurs 


Hello everyone,

I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas despite the restrictions and Santa brought you some lovely gifts too. I was looking forward to sharing your Christmas experiences with you. I hope we can discuss this on our class Zoom scheduled weekly meetings. You will receive the time and details in a text message soon. 

This half term we are going to be looking at the season Winter. Watch the weekly overview video here or scroll down the page and take a look at the weekly topic mat in the downloads section below. 



Look outside, go on a walk or use some photos and your senses to describe and write a list of  what you see, feel and hear in Winter. We will share more activities with you each day in video format but also take a look at the topic mat as an overview each week. Watch the daily video here or scroll down the page. Don't forget to share your work with us online using the class email address and the zoom online lessons. 

Each day we will share new Phonics sessions for you to follow for reading and writing (the links are on the weekly topic mat this week.) This will be the same for Maths next week.


Today take a look and listen to the story of Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara


I am in school with key worker children Tuesday and Wednesday this week (06/01/21) so it might take me a little longer to respond on these days but I will do my best to reply as soon as possible. 



Well done to everyone for your fantastic work I am so proud of you. You are more than welcome to send the work in at the end of the week or share and read out a sentence during our Zoom video call whichever is the easiest for you. I have including some examples of your work below.

Please watch today's daily video here or scroll down the page where you will also find the templates in the downloads section. (I apologies for the quality of the image today.) I look forward to you sharing your sentences or poems including adjectives and your winter collages too. 

Stay safe and speak to you all soon.

Mrs Woolhouse



Good morning,

I have throughly enjoyed recieving all your work and photographs via email especially the photos of you on your Winter walks. Take a look at some pictures below. 




I am so proud of you and your work and so should you be too! You will hear in my latest video clip that next week we also have our Zoom meeting to look forwards to at 11am on Monday 11th January. You will receive the details you require by the end of (today) Friday. Also next week's learning will be accessed via a tab labelled 'Remote Learning week 2' at the top of the class page in the same format but will save you continuously scrolling down the page. Finally if after a few days you feel like you require any resources (paper, books, stationary) please contact me via email at and we can arrange for you to collect from school or we could possibly post them out to you if necessary too. 

Speaking and listening activity 

Look at the photograph below. Listen to the story and answer the following questions with an adult.

World of Ice


What do you think has happened to Maisie and Laura garden? 

Who do you think might have visited the garden in the night?

Why were they so surprised when they woke up and looked outside?

Have you ever been surprised by the weather?

What is your least/ favourite type of weather?

Scientific enquiry

What is it like in Winter?

How can I keep warm?

Which colours make you feel cold?

You could record the answers and start a Winter fact file or create your own Jack Frost picture like the ones in the story from Wednesday. 


Enjoy your weekend and I will look forward to seeing you all on Monday. 



Mrs Woolhouse


Everyone in FS2 would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Click the link to hear our amazing Christmas song  FS2: 'The Lights on the Tree' 

The children have thoroughly enjoyed the festive activities we have took part in during the 12 days of Christmas and we also got a special surprise from Santa too! See below in the gallery some photos from the Christmas party, Santa Dash and Christmas Dinner! Thank you to all the parents for all your help and support so far this year. Especially so in the last couple of weeks by contributing to the raffle and the children have looked amazing in their Christmas jumpers and party wear! Also thank you so much for our gifts which we really appreciate! Enjoy Christmas even if it might be different for you this year and we are already looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year! 


Best wishes from,

Mrs Woolhouse, Miss Morte, Mrs Wood and Mrs Stewart 😊


Hello everyone,



We really enjoyed coming into school in our pajamas on Monday. Thank you for all your donations for our Class Rainbow Raffle. We have drawn the raffle and the hampers can be collected on Friday. Congratulations to the lucky winners!       


                       Lottie                                                      Edith


We can't wait for Pantomime day tomorrow!!!!! 

We are currently very busy in Santa's workshop and baking in the home corner ready for Christmas. The children have created lots of crafts and cards and we are in the full spirit of Christmas. They all got a lovely surprise last week when the classroom was decorated ready for Christmas. 



Over the last few weeks we have thoroughly enjoyed and worked hard to retell and create our own versions of the Supertato story. The children used actions to retell the story and then chose different fruit and vegetables to create their own versions. We also created some Wanted posters for Evil Pea who keeps causing trouble in the Supermarket. See some of our work in the gallery below.



I hope you all had a fun filled half term despite everything at the moment. Thank you for sharing you photos and WOW moments. We have enjoyed sharing them with the class.

This half term we are continuing with the Superhero theme as we took our time to get to know the children last half term and really enjoyed sharing their family photos and exploring outdoors! We also learnt lots about Seasons, nocturnal animals and enjoyed recalling stories such as 'Owl Babies'.


This week we have drawn different Superheroes. Some children have created their own Superhero and wrote sentences about them using the high frequency, tricky word and letters sounds we have been learning. See some examples of the children's fantastic work below.

Over the last 2 weeks we have also thoroughly enjoyed completing different activities about events and festivals and discussing how we celebrate them including Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Remembrance Day and Children in Need. We have displayed lots of our creative work in school and the classroom. 

We all can't wait to continue our learning journey next week! 



Well done to all the children in FS2 for a fantastic first half term at Wales Primary School! You have worked so hard in class and I am sure you are ready for a well deserved rest! You have quickly learnt the classroom routines and enjoyed sharing your learning with your friends. We have really enjoyed getting to know you all and the children have enjoyed sharing their family photos with the class. Please continue to send photos or WOW moments to our class email Please find some Autumn ideas below you could try out at home. 

We are looking forward to next half term. See you all soon.

Mrs Woolhouse



We have thoroughly enjoyed our Autumn Walk in the school grounds today. The children enjoyed collecting and finding out all about the different trees and seeds and leaves that grow on them. We found sweet chestnuts, acorns and fir cones on the school field. We then took them back to class and discussed what we had found and used them to inspire and create Autumn crafts. We are going to continue this theme for the rest of the week and can't wait to read 'The Leaf Man' story again tomorrow. Please see the gallery of photos below. 


We will now be sending home the 'word of the week' for your child to practise saying and possibly writing in a sentence. Please check in their Home Reading Journals every week. We will ensure anyone who hasn't received their reading prize this week will get it the first week back. Mrs Woolhouse



This week we have continued to explore the indoor and outdoor areas. The children are enjoying role playing teaching phonics in  the teaching area. We had a great time making mint and lavender scented tea and food in out outdoor kitchen. Please see the photos in the gallery below. 


This week we have learnt the letter sounds d, m, n, i and the high frequency words an, am, is, it, in in phonics. Continue to find and practise these letter sounds, names and words in your homework and reading books. We have been practising a song to help us learn the letter names and sounds ask your child to share this with you at home. 


We have all been working hard learning the names and sounds of letters this week and recognising them in words and sentences. 

This week we have learnt the sounds and names for the letters s, a, t, p. 
Your child can continue to practise at home in their Home Learning book which we will send home every Friday to be returned the following Wednesday. We have also learnt the Jolly Phonics songs which you can sing together using the link here. You can also practise recognising and naming letters and oral blending words together using Phonics Play games too. 

We are now sending home reading books including words. This week we have been learning the tricky word I and high frequency words a, as, at. Practise recognising the words and reading them by sight in your reading book and other books at home. Don't worry if your child can't read all the words in their book at first instead practise oral blending the words together and using picture cues. If your child remembers the repeated words in the text play eye spy finding the previously learnt letters, tricky and high frequency words on the pages and in other books by sight. Don't forget to return your book bag and books to school every day. 
Thank you.


I look forward to discussing how your child has settled into school and their next steps on Monday 12th October. 



Well done to everyone in Foundation for 2 fantastic weeks at school! 


 We have been learning all about our school and following the daily classroom routines. The children are becoming more independent at completing tasks on their own and listening carefully on the carpet. Well done to all the children who have already received 'Star of the day' award. I am looking forward to finding out who will get 'Star of the day' and 'Star of the week' award next week too! 



Please look at the photos of the children exploring our outdoor area during these last few weeks in the gallery below. We have had lots of fun together, sharing resources and taking turns with our friends.  



I wanted to share with you we have thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all this week during our 'Stay and Play' sessions. We can't wait for you to start your 3 full days with us next week so I hope you are all looking forward to it too! 



Please scroll down this webpage to view our class Autumn term 1 Newsletter detailing what you child will be learning this half term. 


A reminder for FS2. The school day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3pm. Your entrance (and pick up point at the end of the day) is the school car park gate then you will exit via the side gate once your child has entered through the Foundation Stage building. 


What you child will need on their first day of full-time school:

  • a coat,
  • filled water bottle,
  • Pack lunch or pre-ordered a lunch via Dolce (please send a drink to go with the lunch)
  • No bags unless your child needs a spare pair of changed clothing (or send a small bag that can fit into their drawer.)



Enjoy your weekend and we will look forward to seeing you on your start day (Monday 7th or Wednesday 9th) next week. 


From, Mrs Woolhouse 




Hello everyone,


I hope you are having a great Summer break and are looking forward to starting at Wales Primary School? I know we are really excited to meet you all next week! 



Meet the Team


Mrs Woolhouse         Miss Morte             Mrs Wood             Mrs Stewart

       Teacher                                             Teaching Assistants


My name is Mrs Woolhouse and I will be your class teacher. 

I enjoy gardening, walking, swimming and exploring new places. I enjoy sharing my experiences with my friends and family. I enjoy reading and my favourite children's author is Julia Donaldson. The photo of me below was taken when I was reading one of my favourite stories called 'What the Ladybird Heard.' Have you heard this story before?   

Can you recognise and name any of the characters from the Julia Donaldson books below? What is your favourite book and favourite character? 

I hope you have had chance to listen to the story I recorded myself reading called 'Bear’s New Friend' it is in the video section below. I am sure you are looking forward to making new friends and seeing your friends too. 


September 2020

We have been busy getting the classroom ready for your arrival. I can’t wait to see you explore and get to know the classroom and school. I hope you are looking forward to seeing your new classroom and friends too.


Watch the 'FS2 learning through play' video below to see our new Year 1 children exploring and learning in the classroom to give you an idea of some of the resources and areas you can choose in the classroom. 


We are having a staggered intake in smaller groups for the first 2 weeks to give us all time to get to know each other and the school routines. The first week from Wednesday 2nd September there will be one ‘stay and play’ session with a parent or guardian from 9.30 to 11.30am. The second week you will attend 3 full days (refer back to the details provided in July) when our school day will start at 8.45am and finish at 3pm. Use the entrance at both times of the day through the main school car park and then exit via the side gate each day you are in school.


Remember to return your ‘Starting School’ forms to us on the day you visit next week if you haven’t already. I am looking forward to reading all about your interests and sharing the special pictures you have created for us. 



Our first topic this term will be called Superhero Me! We are all have special powers that makes us unique and we will discuss what makes you. I am looking forward to finding out all about you, your family and interests this half term.








Over the next few weeks we would like to share photos of your experiences over the Summer holidays and of your family with the class. If you have any photos you can print or are happy for us to copy and return to you please share with a member of staff. Alternatively you can send a photos of your Summer break or WOW moments you and/or your child is proud they have achieved to our class email address:


Our Author this term is Sue Hendra. Have you read or got any of her book at home? You could listen with your adult to Sue read some of the books she wrote by clicking on the images of each story below. Which one is your favourite story and why?

Author - Sue Hendra


We are look forward to meeting you all from Wednesday 2nd September next week!


Enjoy the rest of your Summer break!


Mrs Woolhouse



Resources for Foundation Stage Learning


You are welcome to take a look at some of the recommended resources (files to download section), websites and apps below. We will add to the list throughout the year. 


Communication Language 


Speech Link - various activities to encourage talking and listening and support understanding of language 

Why and because question prompt cards (see files to download section)

Who, what where, sentence activity (see files to download section - use now as a converstation/ oral sentence builder only) 


Phonics /Literacy

Phonics Play (start with phase 1 games)

Jolly Phonics Songs




Topmark maths

2D / 3D shape song



Files to Download

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Teddy Bear Picnic, by Mrs Woolhouse

FS2 Butterflies, by Mrs Woolhouse

Ugly Bug Ball, by Mrs Woolhouse

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