Winter Wonderland

Class: Year 1 Year: 2020 - 2021

Winter Wonderland Pictures of home learning by Year 1

Week 2



Here's Alex trying out the ice and salt experiment. Chilly!


And here's our crafty Jasmine at work making a wonderful Winter collage and a creative way of presenting her work.

 Some great instructions telling us how to build a snowman. I just can't find the instructions on how to turn the photo around!

Week 3

Week 4

 Here's Bailee making her birdfeeder at home. There's going to be some happy birds in her garden this week.

 Lots of Geography work has been going on this week too. Using maps to find the hot and cold countries in the world and making some flags for those countries. 

Click on the link to view Kai's Geography lesson: The Equator 

Week 5

 Easton's writing about the Three Little Pigs. What was the best material to build a warm, safe and dry home?

Maybe this jumper, Easton has designed, would keep the little piggies warm.   Or this yummy Hot Choclate? 

Max has been busy creating a lovely winter warmer meal for his family, Ifanyone wants to try this too, he's provided you with the recipe. Thanks Max, I'll be following your instructions so I can make this meal at my house.

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