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World Book Day 2016

Photographs from World Book Day 2016 are now available to view in the photo gallery.


Well done all you Funny People 

 We raised £562.50 on Red Nose Day!


You say......

What a fab school, thank you!


We have always been impressed with WPS and the level of teaching and this year is no exception…she has had a great year and we couldn’t be happier


A truly wonderful year for .. , she has matured, gained massively in confidence and exceeded our expectations. We attribute this to the caring, nurturing nature of the school. Every member of staff is enthusiastic and really wants to make a difference to every child. We would like to thank you all for making such a difference to ..’s life. Moving her to Wales was the best decision we could have ever made!


…is much more secure now and although keeping his self esteem up is sometimes an on-going battle he is so much better at handling change and anything "out of the ordinary" than he was.


I would like to thank all at Wales Primary School for the great support you have shown ….at your school.


It says a great deal when …'s number one aim in life is to become a primary school teacher and whenever she has any spare time on her hands she is always getting some practice in! 


Thanks for such great teaching!


In his last school ... had stopped learning, he had a bad attitude and we were really worried. Since he moved to WPS we have seen such a change he loves coming to school and what’s more he has made such progress. The move of schools was the best decision we have ever made, thank you so much for giving us the old .. back!


When I go to my support group I always tell them that when… is in school I have no worries at all, I know he will be safe and happy and everyone is doing the best for him.


The school is pushing his abilities which is fantastic!


Thank you so much to her teachers for making her days so enjoyable


We are incredibly proud of ..., especially after entering WPS from a different nursery, …we feel justified in our choice of school







Wales Primary School! 

Wales Primary School is a school with a strong sense of community. We are very proud of our school and work very hard to ensure that all our children feel happy and secure here and that they are helped to achieve their full potential through a broad, stimulating, and relevant curriculum.  It is important to us that all of the children in our school are successful and recognise their own talents.

We believe that our curriculum helps each child to develop a firm foundation on which they can build in preparation for adult life.  We recognise each child’s individuality and strive to meet his or her needs in a caring environment; we have a strong commitment to raising the achievement of all children through a wide range of opportunities and experiences that promote the development of the child academically, socially, physically, intellectually, morally, artistically and spiritually.

Our school grounds are beautiful! Our children have access to a rich outdoor environment and we constantly strive to provide an attractive and caring learning environment within the school buildings. We believe we are developing a community in which children learn tolerance and respect for others, self esteem, independence and responsibility, together with a caring attitude towards others, their surroundings, the local community and the wider world.

We hope you enjoy our website If you want to know more, make any comments or suggestions or arrange a visit please contact us on or telephone 01909 770236.

We look forward to hearing from you!