Remote Learning Spring Term 1 (January- February 2021)

Remote Learning (Please scroll down for daily updates and lessons)

Unfortunately due to the Government lockdown across the country we won't be able to attend school and continue with the planned topic. However, please see the Topic Grid for Year 1 Week 1 (starting Wednesday 6th January) in Files to Download, or by clicking on the blue link below, for this week's home learning activities. Templates to support the English tasks are also in Files to Download if you wish to use them or simply view as an example. The topic we have decided to follow is Winter.

Topic Grid Year 1 Week 1

This week there is a link to daily phonics lessons. This will continue throughout the lockdown but I will email individuals to discuss special arrangements that better meet their need. If you don't hear from me regarding phonics please continue with the online lessons.

This week there is a general number recap but as from next week (Monday 11th January) there will also be a daily lesson to complete on line. The link for all online lessons and resources will be noted on the topic grid each week.

It is advised that most of the activities are completed on the topic grid in addition to reading, phonics games, maths games, physical excerise and play. Children will learn a multitude of skills through everyday activies such as baking, cooking, sorting, outdoor activities and crafts.

If you have any questions regarding your child's learning please email me at

I will be working from home for part of the week but also in school with the FS2 and Year 1 pupils of Key worker parents for the other part. These are not set days each week so if I don't respond starightaway, I am probably in school and will get back to you asap. If you are in need of an urgent response please email or call school. 

I will hold a weekly zoom meeting to keep in touch with everyone and to discuss or show work produced so far.

Please view my video with your child using the blue link below.

Week 1 Video K.Askey

Please note that Year 1 pupils do not have a tt Rockstars login as yet. The children have not yet been taught multiplication and division in class. We would usually cover these units during this term and give the children their login details as of now. However, as this would be new learning it would not be fair to expect children to learn these units remotely so we are going to focus on previous learning making sure it is embeded before moving on. Thank you and apologies for any confusion. 

Week 2

Week 2 Mrs Askey's Welcome

 Fun in the snow

Topic Grid Year 1 Week 2

English Monday 11th January Week 2

The Snowman sequencing picture cards

English Tuesday 12th January Week 2

How to make a snowman instructions and cut outs

English Wednesday 13th January Week 2

English Thursday 14th January Week 2

English Friday 15th January Week 2

Well that's week 2 done and dusted! I do hope it's not been too cold for you to get out into the snow and have some fun today. I've not been so brave :(

Thank you to all of the children that joined our zoom meeting last Tuesday it was great to see your faces and catch up. Thank you also to those of you that have been emailing me work produced so far. I really do need to see what you're up to in order to track your learning.

There are some great examples of children's learning on the montage of photo's at the top of our class page but you can also view different ones in the Gallery section of the class page. Just scroll right down to the bottom to find it.

Next week our zoom meeting will be on Thursday 21st at 11am. I will send a link for that.

Starting from Monday 18th I will be in school with our children of key workers Monday to Wednesday each week. Mr Taylor and Mrs Hinde will then be in every Thursday and Friday up until Friday 5th February. Children remote learning will get the chance to see and to chat with Mr Taylor on our zoom call.

Have a great weekend and a well deserved rest.

Week 3

Welcome to Week 3


A message from Mr Taylor

Topic Grid Year 1 Week 3

Hibernation sorting activity

English 18th January Week 3

English Tuesday 19th January Week 3

English Wednesday 20th January Week 3

Spot the question marks in the Gruffalo's Child story

English Thursday 21st January Week 3

The Gruffalo's Child speech bubbles

English Friday 22nd January Week 3

Week 4


Topic Grid Year 1 Week 4

Welcome to Week 4

English Lesson Monday 25th January Week 4

English Lesson 26th January Week 4

English Lesson Thursday 28th January Week 4

Robin Facts

English Lesson Friday 29th January Week 4

Robin Fact File

Garden Bird Checklist

Week 5

Winter warmers

Welcome to Week 5

Topic Grid Year 1 Week 5

English Lesson Monday 1st February Week 5

English Lesson Tuesday 2nd February Week 5

English Lesson Wednesday 3rd February Week 5

The Three Little Pigs Resources

The Three Little Pigs sequencing pictures

Inuit People 

Inuit People Power Point

English Lesson Thursday 4th February Week 5

Hot Seat

English Lesson Friday 5th February Week 5

Week 6

 Winter Weather

Final week of the term and I am so proud of all of the pupil's at home and attending school. Everyone has adapted brilliantly to the new routine and teaching strategies. I applaud all parents and carers for their terrific support and patience with your children and the school. So here's to one last push and then enjoy a well deserved rest.

Welcome to Week 6

Topic Grid Year 1 Week 6

All about Weather Power point

English Lesson Monday 8th February Week 6

Weather Poems This is a zip file containing several powerpoints for each weather poem.

English Lesson Tuesday 9th February Week 6

English Lesson Wednesday 10th February Week 6

Weather word mat

Weather symbols activity sheet

Birch Tree Painting Instructions

English Lesson Thursday 11th February Week 6

English Lesson Friday 12th February Week 6 - no video today. Write up your weather poem in your best handwriting and add a picture or detailed border. 

Word of the Week 

Just a polite reminder about completing the Word of the Week homework before the end of this half term please (Friday 12th February). The word of the week can be found in the middle of the topic grid each week. It doesnt have to be written in your child's Learning Journal, if this has been left at school, but can easily be completed on a piece of paper. Please send me a photograph of your child's understanding of the words via email so that I can give them a prize for completion. Every pupil in Year 1 took home a new reading pack before Christmas. You may find their Learning Jourmnal in there. 

Here is a list of the words if you cannot find them:

Week 1- Season

Week 2- Frozen

Week 3- Hibernation

Week 4- Migration

Week 5- Thermal

Week 6- Temperature


If your child is attending school, please ensure they are bringing their reading book and Learning Journal with them each time. I will be able to write in ther Word of the Week and check previous words, plus listen to your child read their book and swap it each week. It is crucial that your child is reading as much as possible in and out of school so that they can put their phonics learning into practice. If you have any questions regarding reading please contact me via email.

School based learning and remote learning

This is a message to clarify the expectations of learning in Year 1 whether your child is learning in or out of school.

If your child is attending school full time they will be following the same topic grid of activities as shared each week on this tab. The pupils will be completing the daily phonics, English and Maths lessons in the dated order found on the said topic grid. Therefore, if your child is only attending two days of the week, for example Tuesday and Wednesday, they are expected to complete the phonics, English and Maths lessons on the Monday, Thursday and Friday at home because the lessons are progressive and wouldn't make sense in isolation. 

If your child is remote learning full time they should complete the daily phonics, English and Maths lessons in the dated order but can complete any of the other subject activities as and when it is appropriate. This may even be at the weekend.

Thank you to all of the pupils and parents that have sent in evidence of their child's learning via email. It is important to show some learning so that we can track children's engagement and progress. If we have not seen any evidence of learning you will be contacted personally.

Mrs Askey

Winter Wonderland Gallery

Don't forget to check out the gallery of photos to see what your friends have been up to this half term.

The Year 1 gallery can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of the main class page.

Final Message

Thank you for all of your hard work at school and at home. Have a fantastic half term holiday making sure you and your family stay safe. Fingers crossed we can get back to normal in the near future. 

Happy Valentines Day x


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