Remote Learning Spring Term 2 (February - March 2021)

Welcome back everyone! I hope you've all had a much deserved break from remote learning and are refreshed and ready for new learning. So, our new topic based learning is 'Walking with Dinosaurs'.

Here we will find out about the different types of dinosaur, when they were alive and how we know so much about them now.

This half term we will be taking a break from the core subjects every Wednesday in order to focus on well being and a healthy lifestyle. This will mean less screen time and more fresh air and physical exercise. Now the weather is beginning to turn for the better we want all children to take this chance to switch off from all screens and focus on their mind and body. Therefore you will notice that there are no lessons for English, Maths and Phonics each Wednesday. We hope to continue this at school when all pupils return. 

Topic grid Week 1

Wellbeing Wednesday Week 1

English Lesson Monday 22nd February Week 1

English Lesson Tuesday 23rd February Week 1

Remember NO LESSONS TODAY BUT please take a look at the Wellbeing Wednesday activity grid for relaxing and creative ideas to do instead. 

Workout with Kai on Wellbeing Wednesday

English Lesson Thursday 25th February Week 1

English Lesson Friday 25th February Week 1

Dinosaur e-book

Picture of the Week

Create your own dinosaur feet

Matching sentences to pictures

Dinosaur sorting activity

How to draw a Diplodocus

Using the Prefix un-

Phonic assessment sheet

Don't forget to check out our gallery pages, found in 'Files to Download' section of the class page. 

Fantastic News! Many Year 1 children have completed their Wales Code sticker chart, earning their first badge. Pupils attending school this week have recieved their certificate and badge and pupils remote learning include:

Ben Johnson yes

Jacob Colley yes

Mason Varney yes

Easton Wei yes

Kai Bennet yes

Max Collins yes

Well done to all of you. You have achieved this by collecting the Wales Code stickers for:

Wanting to learn

Asking questions

Listening and Thinking

Evaluating your work

Sticking at it

Week 2 - Final week of lockdown! Whoop! Whoop!

Welcome to Week 2

Topic Grid Week 2

Wellbeing Wednesday Week 2

English Lesson Monday 1st March Week 2

English Lesson Tuesday 2nd March Week 2

English Lesson Thursday 4th March Week 2

Dinosaur Guess Who Power Point

'What Am I?' dinosaur information cards

English Lesson Friday 5th March- Complete the suggested activity on the Topic Grid for today using yesterday's lesson as an example. Complete any SPaG and spelling activities from this week also.

I look forward to seeing you all at school on Monday, but I would like to take this opportunity to say a great big thank you to the children and parents/ carers that have worked so hard during this past lockdown to ensure the learning has been done as much as possible. Thank you also for sharing your work, photographs and thoughts via email and zoom meetings. It has meant that no-one feels alone as you all can see on our class page that everyone is given the same opportunity to continue with their learning. Please send in any work that you want me to see, especially final pieces of writing (descriptive sentences, poems, instructions) and art work. 

Have a great weekend and get plenty of rest so that you are ready for a full week back at school.

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