Remote learning - last week!

Well done everyone you have made it through 7 weeks of remote learning and we know this is your last week (hopefully ever!). One last week to work at home and next week we will ALL be back in the classroom learning together. We can't wait to see you! Don't forget to send your work to us this week!


Here is our weekly overview - Timetable week 8


Monday 1st March 2021

English video - Mrs Mc English part 1      Mrs Mc English part 2

English downloads -    contractions

Reading video - James and the giant peach

Maths video -  Mrs Mc Maths       lines of symmetry 

Maths downloads -  Interactive symmetry activity       Is it symmetrical or not?


Tuesday 2nd March 2021

English video - Mrs Mc English

English downloads -    word of the week

Reading video - Mrs Morris reading for pleasure

Maths video - Maths Mrs Mc

Maths downloads -  2D shape mat

Phonics - y as in fly


Wednesday 3rd March 2021 - Wellbeing Wednesday

Wellbeing Wednesdays ideas      50 things to do before you leave primary school    How to make a bird feeder

CBBC bird feeder webpage   Bird spotting checklist


Thursday 4th March 2021 - World Book Day

Don't forget our final zoom at 10am. Get ready because today we are going to set you a scavenger hunt. You may need an adult close by to help as we will be sending you around your house to collect things!

English video - English Session

English downloads -    Past and Present Tense Medium Challenge   Past and Present Tense Hard Challenge   Past and Present Extra Hard Challenge

Reading task - World Book Day - Book Hunt Challenge

Maths video - Maths Session

Maths downloads -  2D shape mat   Task 1    Task 1 Answers    Task 2


Friday 5th March 2021

We are nearly there last day you can do this! Can't wait to see you next week laugh

English video - Last English Video!

English downloads -    Phase 4 mat   Phase 5 mat   Phase 4 writing   Phase 5 writing

Reading video - 

Phonics link - y as in happy

Maths video - Last Maths video!

Maths downloads -  Irregular Shape Task   Letters for symmetry    Letters for symmetry answers

Topic - Bug Wanted Poster

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