Reading for Pleasure at home

Reading for Pleasure at Home

Please view the poster for ideas of how you can support your child to read for pleasure at home and develop a love of reading.

Supporting Reading at Home poster

Spring Term 1

Week 5 Challenge

Reading Out Loud

This week, at the end of our zoom meeting on Thursday 4th, I will be reading part of the book 'Rabbit and Bear- A Bite in the Night.' This is the fourth book in a series of Rabbit and Bear stories by the authors Julian Gough and Jim Field.

  I will read part of this book out loud and then you will be able to hear the rest of the story by watching my video of me reading to the end out loud to you. You may want to listen to it straightaway or keep it until bedtime, it's up to you. This book has some great pictures but it is longer than the usual picture book that we share. I think that this book is a perfect example of a short novel, children of 5-7 years can begin to enjoy over several days. I hope you all enjoy it.

Rabbit and Bear Part 1 read by Mrs Askey

Rabbit and Bear Part 2 read by Mrs Askey


In response to listening to this story I would like to hear what you think of it using only three words. Email me your 3 words by typing them straight onto email or you could make a poster showing your 3 words and sending a photo of it. You might even want to send of video of yourselves saying your 3 chosedn words. 

Think about how it made you feel and what it was about. Don't list the characters or setting.

Week 6 challenge

Listen to the mystery reader story by clicking on the link below. Who do you think is reading the story? Can you recognise the voice? Send send me you thoughts via email.

Mystery reader video story

18/02/21 I hope you've had chance to listen to the mystery reader and guess who it might be. Well done to Bailee and Kai Bennet who both guessed correctly. yes

Spring Term 2 

Week 1 challenge

This week I'd like you to read out loud some of your funniest jokes. You can do this by practicing infront of a live audience at home, recording yourself on camera and sending me the video or a live performance on our zoom call on Thursday. 

Here are a few good jokes books you could have a look at if you've not got any at home:


We'll be sharing jokes in class and on our remote learners zoom call on Thursday so be ready to laugh your socks off.

  This is a great picture of Owen 'Reading for Pleasure' with his younger sister. Owen is really interested in football, playing it, watching it and now he can read all about it.

Our classroom has recently bought many new and modern books of all genres and to suit different interests of the current Year 1's. If your child comes home from school with a book that is not their banded reading book, please help your child to read it or read to them. Discuss the author and find out what their opinions of the are. Also make sure your child returns the book to class once you have finished with it so that they can recomment it (or not) to their classmates. We are trying to encourage pupil's to develop their love of books, learn modern authors and learn about current issues and differnt cultures. By sharing books with your child you are supporting this at home. 

Week 2 challenge

Create a 'Book Blanket' on your bed, table or carpet. This is made up of as many books that you have as you can find in your home, that belong to you. Spread them out like a blanket (you could even get under them) and take a photograph to send to me. 

Your blanket can be as big or small as it needs to be depending on what you have at home. I can't wait to see the range of books you read at home.

Here's my daughter, Emily's, book blanket. She is 10 years old. 


Here's Hannah under her Book Blanket! There's some great titles there Hannah.

 Another lovely Book Blanket from Max. These are Max's favourite books from his shelf. We can see behind him he has a love of reading from the massive range of books he has still sitting on his shelf. 

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