In every aspect of school life, high expectations for all pupils are evident and ingrained in the culture and ethos of the school. Our aim is for our pupils to be given opportunities to develop the skills for life so that they leave school as well rounded individuals and develop into responsible, caring members of society. In order to do this they must develop the right attributes and attitudes, use good manners and conduct themselves affably in different situations.

PSHCE continues to be a growing part of Wales’ school curriculum as it provides opportunities which allow our pupils to achieve these goals. It covers a wide range of topics such as:

* Friendships and relationships          * Growing and changing

* Special people                                 * Keeping safe both indoors and outdoors

* Medicines and drugs                        * Healthy eating

* Economic wellbeing                         * The environment

* Puberty                                            * Respecting differences between people

* Bullying                                            * Global citizenship

* Transition to secondary school        * Goal setting and achieving

* E Safety

We believe that teaching these aspects of the PSHCE curriculum will equip our pupils with the right attitudes and attributes to not only become lifelong learners but also responsible citizens within the local and wider community.

Pupils are given opportunities to develop an awareness of their personal safety and its importance in a weekly safety assembly. Further enrichment opportunities are also provided for our pupils through trips, such as Crucial Crew for Year 6 and visitors into school, such as The Fire Service.

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