Extra Curricular Experiences

At Wales Primary School we believe that our pupil’s enthusiasm for subjects and learning should not stop when the school bell signals the end of the day. We aim to provide rich and varied extra- curricular experiences so that our pupils build on their prior knowledge, have opportunities to apply their skills in different contexts, but more importantly to develop their love for a subject.

At Wales we aim to provide our pupils with the clubs that they are interested in, but more importantly that they may not have access to outside of school. We run a wide range of in school and after school clubs available to all our pupils that range from sporting to music, scientific to computing, artistic to conservation. Primarily, these are run by our own staff, but where necessary we use outside agencies who specialise in that subject.

Our aim is to get every child to attend at least one club per academic year so that their educational experience is enriched. A full afterschool clubs timetable can be seen on our website.

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