Early Years Foundation Stage


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Curriculum Drivers

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Our vision for learning (Quoted from Teaching and Learning policy)

The vision for our school is to provide our children with the best possible start in life through the provision of a vibrant, engaging and relevant curriculum where children are challenged and inspired to excel. We strive to develop a community of life-long learners who are ready to succeed in the 21st century.

We believe that the experiences in our EYFS Class should be exciting, well organised and resourced and build upon what each child already knows. At wales Primary School, we strive to give each child a safe, secure and happy foundation that will allow them to make progress throughout their time at our school.


We have a large, busy and stimulating classroom; an enclosed outdoor area; outdoor classroom and extensive grounds which we love exploring when we have our Forest School. We also have access to the hall, library, playgrounds and field at various times during the week.

Our curriculum is carefully planned in order for every child to achieve their full potential. This is measured against the Statutory Early Learning Goals at the end of the year (Early Years Foundation Stage Profile). Our children experience a wide variety of groupings; they have many opportunities to make lots of new friends and work with different adults.

Within our curriculum, a wide range of experiences and activities cover the seven areas of learning and development:

* Personal, social and emotional development

* Communication and language

* Physical development

* Literacy

* Mathematics

* Understanding the world

* Expressive arts and design

Our learning activities are purposeful, engaging, meaningful and fun! Every day, each child will have many opportunities to play, explore, choose, get involved and develop their own skills and understanding with appropriate adult intervention and support.

We have a caring and dedicated Reception team of one teacher and two teaching assistants. In addition, parent (and grandparent) volunteers are welcomed alongside student trainees from various providers.

At Wales Primary School, we welcome parents as vital partners and actively seek to establish a positive relationship from the very start. We offer an extended transition period in the summer term before each child starts in September. Pre-school settings are also visited by the Reception team. Parents and carers are also offered a school tour and can attend an information evening. Parents are always welcome, anytime, to speak to any member of the Reception team.


Books to support our learning in EYFS

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EYFS at Home 

Communication Language 

Speech Link - various activities to encourage talking and listening and support understanding of language 

Why and because question prompt cards (see files to download section)

Who, what where, sentence activity (see files to download section - use now as a converstation/ oral sentence builder only) 


Phonics /Literacy

Phonics Play (start with phase 1 games)




Topmark maths

2D / 3D shape song

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