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Funded by the Department for Education, the Department of Health and the Department for Culture, Media and Sports, they have funded money to be given directly to schools to be spent on PE and sports provision in schools. The money is ring fenced and was initially for two years which has now been extended to 2018. It is up to individual schools as to how this money is spent as long as the focus and aim is:

‘to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.’



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Wales Primary is a school which believes in developing  two key aspects in every child: academic excellence and individual excellence.  In every aspect of school life, high expectations for all pupils are evident and ingrained in the culture and ethos of the school.  As a result pupils consistently achieve outcomes that are above national trends.

Wales Primary School recognises that one of the key contributing tools for our children to succeed is high quality P.E and competitive sport. We believe that through sport, our children begin to develop the important life skills of: discipline, resilience, communication, team work, and ambition; qualities that they are then able to use in their learning within the classroom and beyond. The discipline demanded of the children in sport impacts upon behaviour within the classroom, and the school attributes the excellent learning behaviour within the school as a direct result of the culture of discipline, respect and dedication nurtured through sport activities and the Olympic sporting values:


In order to achieve our aims Wales Primary School provides a tiered approach to P.E and school sport:


From an early age competitive sport is nurtured and encouraged, with EYFS pupils participating in high quality P.E sessions and the outdoor environment to develop core skills and then applying them in competitive intra-school competitions and after school clubs. This is continues into KS1 along with opportunities for pupils to participate in inter school events and local competitions.

This practice is continued into KS2, where there are more opportunities for pupils to participate in events, go on an outdoor adventurous residential visit and compete in competitive competitions that lead into local then regional finals.  In addition to this, Wales endeavours for every child to take part in at least one after school club and participate in a local competitive event.

Gifted and Talented pupils are identified by staff and are sign posted to school clubs and competitions for older children, local clubs in the community and specialist elite clubs within the region. Provision is also enriched through sports star visits and positive role models being invited into school to share their experiences and stories of dedication and determination to succeed at the very pinnacle of their sport.

In order to deliver this structured approach Teachers, highly skilled Teaching Assistants and specialist coaches, with their skill and enthusiasm, ensure that P.E and school sport is enjoyed by all pupils. Teaching Assistants also work alongside Teachers to deliver the P.E. curriculum, after school clubs and specific FUNdamental skill interventions to pupils within the school day.  This diet of sport builds strong relationships of trust between pupils and support staff, and impacts positively upon the engagement and trust between them in the classroom.

Wales Primary School firmly believes in the development of a child’s character through high quality P.E and competitive school sport. We believe wholeheartedly that a child who learns to be resilient, disciplined, respectful and determined in the sports field will apply the same skills within the classroom, in the community and in later life.




What a busy few weeks for sport at Wales Primary!

18 speedy children took part in the Wales cluster cross country competition at Wales High School, running a huge distance around the school field. We were so proud and thrilled with all the children’s efforts and determination – well done!

img_0258 img_0256 img_0251 img_0241 img_0232 img_0230 img_0226 img_0220-copy img_0218

We were all really pleased to hear that 7 of our children have progressed to the next round to be held at Herringthorpe Stadium – good luck!

A few weeks later, 2 teams of fearless footballers took part in the Wales cluster tournament finishing in second (boys) and third place (girls) – what a fantastic achievement!


Cross Country Partnership Round at Herringthorpe Stadium (October 2016)

Well done to all the runners who took part completing a HUGE run!! You are all amazing (but not so good at taking a group photo….!)

20161020_103547 20161020_120853 20161020_120956   20161020_150157 20161020_150427 20161020_150431

Our brilliant hockey teams took part in the cluster competition a few weeks ago – both the under 9’s and under 11’s worked really well as a team and showed their excellent Wales spirit and determination. The under 11’s team narrowly missed out in the final, losing on penalties however they put up a fantastic fight right to the end! We were very proud of you all.

20161108_162652 20161108_163029

Congratulations to the under 9’s basketball team that represented our school at the Wales cluster competition earlier this term. They battled hard to finish second place and again, our children were a credit to the school showing excellent skills, perseverance and teamwork. Well done to you all!

Autumn Term Intra Football (November/December 2016)

All children in KS2 took part in our first intra event of the year – football – at the fantastic all weather pitches just down the road from school. The children showed outstanding football skills as well as resilience and co-operation with some of our less confident footballers showing a secret side to them! A great effort from everyone!

20161130_140836 20161130_140857 20161130_141535 20161130_141555

20161206_135507 20161206_135557 20161206_135906 20161206_135950 20161206_140013 20161206_140440

Excel Martial Arts Taster Days (January 2017)

We were treated to a special visit by Liam Richards from Excel who came into assembly and explained how to feel more confident about yourself as well as showing some exciting martial art moves alongside 2 of his students from Wales Primary! Each class then then got a chance to try a few moves in short workshops – there were some brilliant martial arts students of the future! Well done everyone for having a go.

IMG_0140 IMG_0141 IMG_0137      IMG_0135 IMG_0093 IMG_0087 IMG_0082 IMG_0101

Congratulations to the Under 11 High 5’s team who stormed to success in the Wales cluster competition at Wales High School last week. The team of boys and girls played incredibly well together, showing teamwork, determination and resilience. They were a credit to our school both in their behaviour and the sports skills they demonstrated. Well done to you all! The next round is February 14th – fingers crossed!

20170202_161136 20170202_170100

Spring Term Intra Multiskills (February 2017)

All children in FS2 and Y1 classes braved the wintery weather to head down to Wales High School to make use of their huge sports hall and take part in a range of sporting events. The children showed off their brilliant throwing, jumping, running and balancing skills as well as listening carefully to instructions and working together in mixed year group teams. All the adults that went were so impressed by their fantastic behaviour and PE skills! Thank you to all the parents who helped out too!

20170208_102518 20170208_095505 20170208_095544 20170208_102101

Another outstanding effort from the under 11 athletics teams who took part in the Wales cluster competition recently. All 22 boys and girls gave all their track and field events 100% and supported each other throughout which showed great sportsmanship which made the staff very proud. There were some excellent performances both in the track races and the field events with some budding athletes of the future!

20170209_160923 20170209_171259 20170209_163945

Spring Term Intra Matball (February 2017)

All the children in Year 2 and 3 took part in a intra matball event held at Wales High School. The children were in mixed teams from both year groups and showed excellent teamwork and dedication, playing lots of matches all morning. It was great to see so many children active all at once! Once again, thank you to all the parents who helped out 🙂

20170215_101326 20170215_101457 20170215_103214 20170215_104509

Fiitball Taster Day (March 2017)

All the children had an opportunity to try out a new exciting sport – fiitball! It is ‘a mix of football, netball, American football and basketball with two ways to score.’ ( Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the taster session with the Fiitball coach and we hope to buy some of the special nets soon so we can carry on playing in PE and breaktimes!

IMG_0228 IMG_0229 IMG_0235 IMG_0244 IMG_0238

Bike Events (Spring 2017)

There have been lots of 2 wheel vehicles arriving at school lately! Lots of children have been making a huge effort to travel to and from school on their bike or scooter, and making use of school’s new bike shelter. There was a fantastic turn out to the Bike It Breakfast where children and parents who has cycled or scooted to school that day were treated to free healthy snacks…


Y2 children completed scooter training a few weeks ago successfully navigating their way around obstacles laid out on the yard – future stunt men and women!

A rainy start to the day didn’t stop tens of beautifully decorated bikes and scooters making their way to school for the ‘Bling Your Bike’ event! The whole school gathered to see all the entries parade around the yard showing the fabulous creative talents of our children. The Junior Road Safety Officers had the tricky job of selecting winners from KS1 and KS2 however everyone who took part was a winner really – well done for making such a huge effort; it was amazing!

IMG_1526 IMG_1495 IMG_1492 IMG_1493 IMG_1478 IMG_0274  IMG_0271 IMG_1474 IMG_1487 IMG_1491 IMG_1508 IMG_1541 - Copy (2) IMG_1541 - Copy website airbrush - Copy (2) website airbrush - Copy

Wales Cluster Gym and Dance Festival (April 2017)

3 dance troupes took part in the Wales Cluster Gym and Dance Festival performing in front of 500 people! All the children who took part (from Y2 and Y6 classes) performed brilliantly, having learnt their dance steps perfectly and performing with so much confidence. All the staff and parents were incredibly proud – it was such a great evening and all the children left with huge smiles on their faces; well done everyone!

Dance festival Y2 c Dance festival Y2 d Dance festival Y2 e Dance festival Y2 f