School Policies

Wales Primary Data Protection Policy

Wales Primary School – GDPR Privacy Policy

Wales Primary School Subject Access Request

New Wales Safeguarding Policy SEPT2017



Governors Code of Conduct sep17

SEN Policy

Staff Code Of Conduct

Wales Primary School – Health & Safety Policy

Wales Early Years Policy

Wales Equality and Diversity Policy2017

Wales ESafety Policy2018

Wales Freedom Of Information Policy

WalesPrevent Policy2018

New Behaviour and Discipline Policy

Anti-bullying Policy 2018

Children’s AntiBullying Policy

Wales Primary School Accessibility Plan 2017

WalesChild Sexual ExploitationPolicy2018

Wales British Values Policy Statement

Wales Transgender Policy

Wales Primary Whistleblowing Policy 2017

Wales physical contact and restraint policy Nov17

Wales Female Genital Mutilation2018

WALES Lost Child Policy

WalesIntimate Care Policy

Wales cyberbullying Policy2018

Confidentiality Policy

Wales Child Missing Education Policy 2018

Supporting Children with Medical Needs Policy2018

SRE Policy

WLC Attendance Policy