Wales Curriculum


At Wales Primary School, we understand that our vision can only be translated to our children, staff, parents and governors through our curriculum. By providing a rich curriculum, varied enrichment experiences and high quality extra-curricular opportunities, our children are engaged, enthused and motivated in their learning. Through these, our children develop their basic skills, build on their prior knowledge and understanding, but more importantly they will have opportunities to apply their skills in different, relevant contexts in order to achieve our aims.


  • Allow children to acquire, develop and refine the necessary skills for learning
  • Model high standards and sets high expectations of learning, teaching and behaviour
  • Nurture independence
  • Work in partnership with children, parents, carers and the wider school community
  • Value creativity and respect individuality
  • Inspire children to recognise and build on their own talents and skills
  • Provide enrichment opportunities to develop children’s character
  • Increase children’s self-esteem by sharing success
  • Develop and show respect to people from different cultures and ways of life
  • Make our children feel safe and secure in school
  • Promote outstanding Assessment for Learning by:
    • Enabling children to recognise that they have the power to drive their own learning
    • Teaching children positive habits that will help develop them as learners
    • Facilitating honesty and openness about learning and progress
    • Providing an environment in which children learn that building on failure is a critical part of improvement

Everything that we do at Wales has one focus in mind: our children. We want our children to become the best versions of themselves so that they not only achieve academic excellence but that they also develop and excel as individuals who have the ability and adaptability to thrive in an ever changing world.


Wales Primary Curriculum Objectives


Year 1                Year 1 part 2

Year 2               Year 2 part 2

Year 3               Year 3 part 2

Year 4               Year 4 part 2

Year 5               Year 5 part 2

Year 6               Year 6 part 2


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